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Red Dress x Torunn Lee- Look 2

Pullover | Shorts | Sunglasses | Lipstick

Happy Monday!!  Starting this week off with all the ‘Good Vibes’!
That’s just what I need after last week! I went from Lexington to Paducah, to Atlanta, back to Paducah… and top it off, I drove home to Lexington last night. Combined, I think I probably drove over 1600 miles and I am worn out! So, when I say I need good vibes this week, I really do! I’m sure a lot of y’all probably feel the same!

This is the second look from my collection, with Red Dress, and I love it!! You probably can’t tell how soft this pullover is from the pictures. Take my word for it though.. It’s incredibly soft! Not only on the inside, but on the outside too! It’s the type of top you put on and never want to take off!

The balloon sleeve detail around the wrist also adds an extra feature to the top! It takes this to a whole another level of cuteness!

And of course… the graphic.. GOOD VIBES!!!! Something about this just makes my heart happy! I’m smiling rn just looking at these pics! I definitely recommend this casual pullover for all those spring and summer nights! Pair it with denim cut offs and you’re good to go!!

Also, if you didn’t notice.. pizza and Diet Coke.. on the beach.. can we get any better vibes than that!??

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