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Happy Thursday! Today’s post is a little delayed because I tried out a new yoga studio this morning and got caught up running errands afterwards! However, it was so worth it because I’m hooked on this yoga studio! Oh yes I am!!! I went with Taylor, when I was in Houston, and it really grew on me. So I had a couple recommendations to try out, ‘Creative Yoga’, here in Lexington. Not only did I love the environment and atmosphere, but I was super glad it was hot yoga! I always feel like I’m doing more in hot yoga! Maybe it’s the sweat that gets to me!  Anybody got any yoga poses I should try out?

Today’s post is c/o Everything But Water!
If you’ve never owned one of their swimsuits you are missing out!
They, by far, have the best quality swimwear! When I was in college I always asked for a swimsuit for my birthday (bday in February, Spring Break in March.. it was super fitting).  My mom and grandma use to always pick one out from here and if I didn’t like it I would always exchange it!
I have yet to find another swimwear brand I love as much as them!

That’s why I’m super excited about this post!!!!! I’ve waited to debut this on a Thursday so it can stay up all weekend for you all! Now is the time!
With this one piece, I’m loving the
color blocking, one shoulder feature, and asymmetrical design! It’s such a unique and fun swimsuit! For sure to make a statement on the beach, by the pool, or out on the lake!


Shop some of my other favorites below!  It’s time to start getting ready for swimsuit season ladies! 😉

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  1. Nifty Summer

    June 28, 2018 at 10:01 am

    This is really awesome, you look stunning and hot in that bikini. You really slay that suit in that beach. OH! and I really like your pose the one that you lay in the sand under the sun it just, your really confident and having a good time, It feels like your really calm and relaxes.

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