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As I started to think about about how I wanted to start off this post, so many quotes came to mind. “Home is where you hang your heart.” “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends.” “Home is not a place – it’s a feeling.” All these things that I’ve heard about a home over the years kept popping up.. is that how I should start this post? With a cheesy quote about what home claims to be.. or should I just open up and pour out my heart.. and tell you guys how much this really means to my fiancé and I !?

For us, and probably many of y’all, home isn’t just a roof over our head.. or a place to come home to at night. It’s a feeling of love, commitment, stability. And as an engaged couple, this home is a glimpse into our future. It’s where ‘our’ life, together, really begins. Settled in Paducah, KY, sits this 3 story home, with a walk out basement, back porch, 2 car garage, and enough rooms to start a family.. It’s our little slice of “C & T”.

Clint and I first started looking for homes in February 2017. Life got crazy and we just put it on hold. Then in February of this year we decided to start looking again. Total, we saw over 31 homes, until we decided on this one! The funny thing about this house (maybe not so funny – I actually think it was apart of God’s plan) was this home was the last one we ever looked at. On my birthday we went house hunting, with our realtor. I think we saw around 8 or 9 houses that day & we were worn out by that afternoon. I was kind of becoming discouraged.. thoughts of, “we’re never going to find a house”, “I’m not really in love with any of these”, “What if Paducah isn’t suppose to be home”, “God, is this really your plan for me? For us?” Then, she turned to Clint, in the backseat and said, “There’s one more I want to show y’all. It went on the market last night and I pulled it last minute.” To be honest, I remember sitting in the passenger seat, shaking my head. I kind of shot down the offer. I was like, “well I’m not living out this way. Let’s just call it a day.” C leveled my thoughts and said, “We’re right here by it. Let’s just go look!”

Since that moment, the rest is kind of history.. I could tell you all the logistics of how this house became ours, but does it even really matter? Absolutely not.. what matters is that Clint & I found a place to start our lives, as one.

The past week or two I’ve found myself walking through the home and picturing the life we are going to create in this space… ** Me, in my pajamas, pouring him a cup of coffee, and sending him out the door before work. The place our heads will fall night after night. Which room I see as a nursery. The office I’ll sit in and type posts. The basement where C will watch U.K. Basketball & set up his fish tanks. My front porch where I’ll greet every face we are welcoming into our home. A garage space for his truck and my lil SUV. His & her closets, where we will look at each other and say, “ughh.. I have nothing to wear”. and a new standing bathtub!!! (Y’all, I’ve been dreaming of a bath tub ever since I left for college!) ** I’ve been getting the house ready, while C is still in Lex. Sometimes, at night, I’ll stand in the doorways and just look and listen.. into the future, of what’s about to come.

Remodeling and redecorating is the stage we are in right now. And yeah, all that is fun, fine, and dandy.. but it’s not the appearance that matters. It’s the happiness we are going to outpour through these walls. It’s the life we are going share here. Our bubble, our space, our home!

Years from now Clint & I will probably look back on this post (and so many others). We’ll look at these pictures and read these words, and reminisce on this time of our life. A moment that we want to hold onto forever and never forget.

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  1. Lexy

    April 2, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Are y’all waiting until you get married to move in together?

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