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Dress Pink Elephant  Earrings Skye & Grace

You know when you are shopping online and you filter the tab to narrow your search? For instance, I     typically go to a website then select tops, dresses, or shoes. From there I scroll through the pages until something catches my eye. Then my rule is, if I look at it twice or leave the item and I’m still thinking about it, then I must need it/want it.  Do you all follow that same standard?  Sometimes it leaves me feeling super indecisive, other times I immediately convince myself to get whatever caught my eye.
However, with this dress, one glimpse at it, and I was sold! Seriously though.. Out of everything on the Pink Elephant Boutique website, I knew this was my #1 pick!

This dress just makes me happy! It’s loud, vibrant, fun, and different! For starters, I love the midi length! I    told my photographer that I am digging these style dresses right now! It provides full coverage and is great for spring!!  Two, I’m obsessed with the colors! I needed a pop of pink and teal in my closet and this dress did just that! Three, the design! I really like how it has a floral, paisley design, complimented by the block stripes! Having two different patterns helps shape the dress and emphasize your figure!

Now, you might be thinking.. where can I wear this to?  Literally anywhere!! Date night on the weekend, girls night out, Sunday school, brunch, work, an event! The possibilities are endless! And no matter where you choose to wear it, you’ll stand out and make a statement! (In the best way!)

For your accessories, keep it neutral and let the pattern speak for itself! Nude heels or flats look great with it! Then if you want to add some fun earrings like I did, go for it!  <3

Today’s Post is c/o Pink Elephant Boutique!
You can shop my Dress HERE!

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  1. Tabitha

    April 5, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Great post! I love the loose fit of that dress and how boho it is. The colors are simply gorgeous, a little busy for me, but none of the less gorgeous!


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