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Fuzzy Knit Sweater

Sweater | Shorts | Earrings | Shoes | Lipstick | Purse

Why is it snowing outside right now!? A couple days ago I was wearing shorts now I’m back in fleece leggings!? I don’t think I ever remember a year where the weather has been this bipolar.. It’s below freezing today and towards the end of this week it’s suppose to be mid 60’s.. come on warmer weather.. I’m so ready to plant my spring flowers!!!

Also, I’m very ready for all the spring clothes to come and stay! I transferred over my closet and switched out my coats for light sweaters and tanks! I’ve been ahead of the weather for a month or two now!!

Anyways, today’s feature sweater is one I love! During the winter months I became obsessed with the eyelash sweaters! It’s like every time I saw one, I convinced myself I needed it. Now I’m carrying over that trend into spring! The texture of this and the mint/teal color is perfect for the season! Pair it with white shorts or white jeans and you have yourself an outfit!!

p.s.- how cute are the matching tassel earrings!? They go perfectly, don’t they!?

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