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Our ‘Save The Dates’

Goodmorning and cheers to a new week, over some A.M. coffee or matcha (if you’re like me!)!
I’m very excited about today’s post! It’s one I’ve been saving until the timing is right.. and for some reason, I feel like today is the day! Finally, I’m sharing our ‘Save The Dates’! Keep on scrolling to get a peek at all the details on the cards and how I designed them!

When Clint and I first started wedding planning, right after we got engaged, I envisioned a winter wedding, full of white trees and mystical snow! Slowly, over time, I started to change my mind and it dawned on me, “I really want our wedding to relate to our love story.” That’s when the ‘fairytale’, ‘happily ever after, ‘enchanted forest’ theme came to mind! When we set the date and the planning started to take off, I told myself that everything I do from this point on needs to relate to our ‘big day’! Starting with the Save The Dates!

My mom and I spent countless hours sending ideas back and forth, trying to create the most unusual save the dates ever! It took us a couple meetings, trials and errors, and lots of thoughts to finally come up with our finished card!  For starters, I had this idea of a ‘key’ save the date in my mind. ‘Clint holds the key to my heart’ and ‘you’re a key part of our story’ were the tag line inspiration for our original save the dates.  Then one night, I glanced at my wedding planner, saw something we are going to be doing on our big day, and thought, “I should just create that for our save the dates!” Talk about cohesive and themes, our save the dates are going to be a splitting replica of some things on our wedding day! Everything on this card will come to fruition in real life, when we get married! The ‘book page’ theme, our logo, and ‘fairytale romance’ is all apart of our wedding!

Anyways, I’m ramblin’.. so back to it!  I scraped our first save the date and created this one, on PicMonkey! I immediately sent it to Erin, at Daffodil’s Stationary, to get her opinion and thoughts on it! She loved it!  Then within a matter of days my computer screen creation, became reality! I can’t thank them enough for helping bring my ideas to life!  I was so excited to send these out I couldn’t stand it! Just see for yourself!


Our save the date was designed to be the first book page, of the next chapter in our lives, following engagement… marriage and happily ever after. After all, marriage is a celebration of love, with the unity of God!  We want to remind our guest that once upon a time we fell in love and here we are today, wanting to celebrate that with them.

From the book border, to the black and white picture, and gold foil, I fell in love with these Save The Dates!  Hope y’all like them and enjoyed sifting through the pics!


Signed, Sealed and Delivered
xoxo, Torunn & Clint Johnson

Stay tuned for some more wedding posts in the future! Also, below I’m linking my favorite white dresses for some fancy occasions!

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