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Wedding Registry @ BB&B

Believe it or not, I shopped around for wedding registry stores. As silly as it may sound, I just wanted to make sure I found a couple places that had everything Clint & I needed. I wanted to keep it at 3 places because I felt like anymore than that might be too overwhelming for our guests.  I’ve already shared our Williams Sonoma Registry, which consists of mainly kitchenware and bakeware.  The two other stores I decided on were Crate & Barrel (because I loved their everyday dishes) and BB&B because they have everything else we still need! My mom and I went last Friday to start scanning our items and we took the camera with us!  Today’s post is a little behind the scenes action, showing some of the things I’ve added to our registry!

  • Corn Dish (set of 4)– I bought myself a couple corn accessories last year. Like the holders and two different cutters to shave the corn off with. The only thing I was still lacking were these dishes to set them on before serving!  One of my favorite meals is grilled chicken and corn on the cob.. so I’m sure to be using these a lot!

  • Brookstone King Down Comforter– When C & I got a new bed, we updated our bedding too.. but now, we are looking for a new down comforter. Out of all the ones we looked at in the store, I    decided on this because:
    1. It’s made from a nice material
    2. The comforter isn’t too thick or too thin. I personally think it’s the perfect weight.
    3. The price point. Some I looked at were $400, others were like $80.  This was the nicest, affordable one, in my opinion.

  • Wilton- The Really Big Cookie Spatula– My mom spotted this and yelled at me from across the aisle, “Torunn you gotta have this!”  She was so right!! When I bake my cookies I like to keep them doughy and soft. This big spatula will help scoop them up better!

Top CeCe  Jeans Madewell  Sandals Jack Rogers

 If I had to register at 1 place, it would probably be Bed, Bath, and Beyond! So if you’re a bride, I highly suggest checking it out. They have all your linens, towels, kitchenware, electronics, china, serving platters, utensils, cleaning supplies, home decor, and more! You name it, they have it!

Here are some other things on my list and why I chose to register for them:

  • Turkish Bath Towel – I walked up and down the towel aisles and felt almost every single one. These are by far the softest ones my mom & I put our hands on!  They are a little on the expensive side, but definitely worth it!
  • Whiskware Batter Mixer and Dispenser – We like our pancakes in the Johnson household!! And after seeing my aunt using her batter mixer and dispenser, I figured I should register for one! This item makes shaking up the mix and pouring it onto the frying pan much easier.
  • Handheld Vacuum– I    grew up watching my parents use their dust buster (what we called our handheld vacuum). This is a product that makes cleaning up crumbs, dust, and debris wayyyyy easier!  We could all use one of these.
  • Pyrex Storage Set– If you cook, you probably need some food storage! Pyrex is the way to go!
  • Pie Carrier– I’m hoping to start baking more in our new house. With that, I need a pie carrier to tote around all that deliciousness.
  • Salad Spinner– My mom said this was a must!  I’m going to use it to rinse and dry off my lettuce and vegetables.
  • Urban Trend Smart Cut 4-Piece Salad Set– I  saw this advertised on T.V. once and thought, “how cool. I need one.”  If you are making a personal salad, you need this to chop it up!

If you have any other suggestions on what Clint & I should add to our registry, send them my way!!

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