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Things to Add to Your Summer Bucketlist

One of my favorite things to do when I come to the beach is take an afternoon walk, through the sand, on the edge of the ocean waves. Something about the calming water, splashing kids, beaming sun, and endless view sets me at peace.  This weekend, during one of my walks, I started thinking about everything I want to do this summer. Now, I’m sharing it with you all! Here’s to my summer 2018 bucket list!!!

  • Make Lemonade (fresh squeezed lemonade)
  • Check out a book from the Public Library! Growing up I used to love going to the library. The smell of the books, the peaceful mood, and solemn look on all the reader’s faces. We live in a world with so much technology and distractions, I think it’s a great idea to go unwind and explore some books for what they are.
  • Visit a place you’ve never been before. Whether it’s right in your own lil’ town or across the world.
  • Put a $1 aside everyday. At the end of summer, go treat yourself!
  • Go to the movies. Order a large popcorn, with butter, and pour all the chocolate inside the bag. It’s a little slice of salty/sweet heaven.
  • Fly A Kite. I’m taking C, we’re going to the park, and I’m totally doing this!
  • Put out a bird feeder.
  • Make a new recipe.
  • Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. 
  • Play a board game (like monopoly.. and actually finish it!) – Growing up we use to play board games and cards all the time.. It’s been a couple months since I’ve played one, so I’m adding it to my list!
  • Go strawberry picking 
  • Tie Dye Shirts 
  • Start a Journal 

If you got anything I should add to the list, let me know!

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