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Henderson, KY GIVEAWAY TEE!!!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day and enjoyed the long weekend!
I wanted to get right back in the swing of things and start the day off with a giveaway!
This one is actually pretty special to me because I worked with my hometown roots, to create this tee! The City of Henderson and I got together a couple months back and started brainstorming ideas on a cute tee that would best represent the city… Today, you all are looking at the final product!

Each icon represents something related to Henderson, KY! We chose light/airy colors to give the tee a watercolor effect!  & if you’re wondering about the fit of this tee, let me tell ya, it’s amazingggg!!!! It’s a long tunic (I have it tucked in so it’s hard to tell).  The sides have slits, so when you walk the tee really moves well!

I truly love everything about this shirt!!! From the fabric, to the style.. and what it represents! It may be made for all my Henderson gals, but it’s too cute to pass up!!! Anyone, from anywhere, can wear this tee!! It’s got that mix of hometown love with a side of retro vibes!!

To win this shirt, enter the giveaway hosted on my Instagram!  Go check it out!

& you can SHOP THE TEE HERE!!

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