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Essential Oil Must-Haves

Today’s post is all about my newest obsession, essential oils! It wasn’t until last fall that I really became interested in oils and their uses.  In college I would keep a diffuser by my bed and diffuse lavender from time to time..  but boy oh boy, was I missing out!  Clint’s family has been very into oils for as long as I can remember. My interest kind of sprung from conversations with them  and I’ve slowly traded my traditional go-to lavender blend in for a variety of oils!  Keep our reading to check out some products I love!  If you’re new to essential oils, take notes, because I definitely recommend these!

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is a great place to start if you’re clueless on oils, like I  was!  This book describes all the oils, their benefits, and what use they are best suited for it. You can find anything your looking for based off symptoms, oils, or topic! I also really like it because it has recipes for creating natural remedies!  Definitely a great book to keep on hand!

When it comes to diffusers, I say as long as you have one, you’re covered!  However, if I had to recommend one, it would be the Ellia Adore Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser!  My mom got it for me for Christmas and now it’s the one I keep in my office.  It has color changing lights that also allows you to stop on a color of choice, and set the brightness of that color (3 different shades).  Plus, it’s got the most peaceful music you could ever imagine.  Just the other day Clint was helping me hang things in my office and I had the diffuser going. He commented on how soothing the sound was and how he felt like he was getting a massage. I  don’t know about y’all, but anywhere I can get the sense of peace, count me in… especially when it’s the luxury of my own home!

If you’ve started collecting essential oils, add these stickers to your list! They are great to put on the tops of your oils. Since I  keep my essential oils in my bedside table and office drawer, I’m always looking down on them. These stickers help label everything and make it so much more convienent when I’m looking for a specific one.

If you’re not much of a reader, invest in these flashcards!!  My mom gave them to me as a stocking stuffer and they were like the best gift ever!!  The solid color flashcards come in a pack of 52 that includes information on the most used essential oils.  The watercolor flashcards were chosen and designed based on the color we were feeling when we imagined ourself if the mood of each card. If you are feeling creative or fearful, flip over the card and check out the oil best useful for your mood.

Now, onto the essential oils themselves.. Since I’m fairly new to most of the brands, I  can’t comment on all of them just yet. However, I will say that Young LivingPlant Therapy, and KIS oils, are my top three choices right now. Their oils seem to be potent and effective, where as some others I’ve tried out seem a little water downed (if that makes sense).  If I’m diffusing oils, I want to feel like I’m benefiting from it.. cause otherwise, what’s the point, ya know?

Here’s the list of my favorite ones and why:

  • Sleep Aid – the title itself pretty much describes what I use this one for. Every night when I get into bed, I normally read a chapter or two of my book. During that time I turn on my diffuser and let sleep aid feel the room! I’ve actually noticed on nights that I don’t diffuse it, I’m more restless.
  • Sampler Essential Oil- this set was my first ever essential oil product. I love it because it comes with 5 of the most commonly used oils. I  like to mix the eucalyptus and orange, but that’s just me!
  • Lavendar– It’s a must have!  Nothing soothes my mind and soul like a little lavender!
  • Lemon– I’ve been using lemon all month!  Since I have lemon candles and room wallflowers that are lemon scented I think my mind is drawn to lemon. I like to diffuse this in the morning to give me a boost of extra energy.

Hope y’all enjoyed reading this post! I know it’s a little different from my usual fashion and beauty products, but essential oils have become such a huge part of my daily routine. I like to start my morning with them and end my night with them! So I figured they deserved a post. If you all have any suggestions or remedies I should try shoot me an email!  This is definitely a topic I need more advice on!

xoxo, essential loving, T

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