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It’s been a couple months since I shared a book review, so I figured it was about time to get one up! Lately, I haven’t been reading many novels. Instead I’ve focused my time on devotionals, marriage books, and life. So much has changed this year and in October I feel like I’m going to be starting over when I marry Clint. So, like anything I do in life, I  want to be prepared! That’s why I’ve been reading some great marriage books and focusing more on my relationship with Christ.

Ones I’ve Read & Currently Use:

  • Love & Respect– This book is so wonderful! It shed some light on relationship issues in ways I’ve never recognized them! One thing that really stuck with me that this pointed out, was that wives desire unconditional love the most and husbands desire unconditional respect.
  • The Sacred Search and The Sacred Marriage– Clint and I both read ‘Sacred Search’ the summer before we got engaged. I circled the passages I wanted to remember and so did he.  Later on we sat down together and let those passages guide our conversations. If you’re serious with your partner I suggest a book club between the 2 of y’all! It helped Clint and I in so many ways!
  • Jesus Calling Devotional– My grandma gave this book to everyone in the family a couple years ago! Still to this day I like to use it. Every time I read a devotional a second time, I always find something new in the scripture. As life changes, so does our comprenhison to words, thoughts, and verses.
  • God’s Promises for your Every Need– This is a great book to have on hand. Theres verses to address every season of life and almost every question you’ve ever asked yourself.  If you’re searching for a special gift, this might just be the perfect one!

On My List to Get:

  • The Confident Woman Devotional
  • 3 Minute Devotions for Women
    • When we were in the library I sifted through these two devotionals quickly. A couple things caught my eye and I told myself I might go back for them! I’ve read devotionals, but never one geared toward women! I’m at the age where I think it’s about time I start! Especially since I am about to become a wife!

If you have any other recommendations, please send them my way! I’m always look for new reads!

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