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How I Organize My Makeup!

Last weekend, on my Instagram Story, I took a poll and asked if you all would be interested in seeing how I organize my makeup! From the results, comments, and messages I received, it was a definite yes! So today’s post is all about organization and how to keep all your makeup in one place!

If you’re like me, then you live believing that everything has a home… I tell Clint all the time, “theres a place for that. go put that in it’s home.” (just referring to things around the house). This includes all my cosmetics, beauty products, hair styling tools, makeup, and more! Since the move, I’ve really been good about organizing everything around the house and getting rid of things I don’t need. When my new vanity got installed, I wanted to keep that feeling of ‘new’ forever.. So I decided to get serious about sorting out my makeup and keeping my drawers neat and clean!

Keep scrolling to see some of the products I use and why I love them!

Eyeliner and Lip Pencil Organizer

This was a game changer for me. I normally sit in my vanity chair when I’m getting ready and open my drawers to get my makeup. Since I’m looking down, into them, I like to see what I need right off the bat. This eyeliner organizer helps me see store my pencils so the colors are featured on top and easy to access.

Makeup Brushes

For my brushes that are all apart of the same collections, I used an old diptyque candle. After it burned out I cleaned it, then used them around the house. Now they’ve made their way to my vanity! They are great for brushes, q-tips, or cotton balls!

I also use the acrylic/round cups for the rest of my brushes. I like to keep my face brushes in one cup, eye brushes in another, and miscellaneous ones together.  Since my vanity drawers are fairly large, I keep the cup tray in it and the brushes stand perfectly!

Lipstick Organizer

Even though I’m on a organization kick I’ve got lipstick scattered everywhere! In my vanity, in my car, in my purses, in my office. I feel like I’m always reaching for one and then it gets left there.  For the ones I keep in my bathroom, I bought this lipstick organizer! It holds my MAC and Sephora lipsticks perfectly! The glosses are a little big for the organizer so they lean, but you can still make it work!

Blender Sponge Storage 

This little storage egg is cute to leave sitting out because of it’s color and shape! So after you get done blending and you want it to to dry out, just pop it in it’s ‘home’ (haha)!  I bought the package that comes with 2, so I’ll probably leave one out on my vanity and put the other in my drawer! They also sell travel containers for your beauty blenders! I think I might order a couple!

Chanel Perfume

This picture features my recent obsession, which is a little unrealted.. But I’ve been on a Chanel perfume kick lately!  Mademoiselle is my go-to!  I love it because it’s one that will last all day and night!

Eyeshadow Organizer

Along with using this to store my eyeshadows, I keep some of brow gels in the back too!  This actually takes up less space in my drawer, than if I was to leave all of these laying out!  So while you’re organizing, you’re also creating a little extra room in those drawers!

If you all have any other products I should know about for organization, send them my way!
Hope you enjoyed today’s post!
Have a great Saturday!

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