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How to Host the Ultimate Game Night!

One thing that I remember about growing up as a Stuen is that we always played games! My mom was a huge advocate for learning, through playing! As a kid I  NEVER wanted to lose.. by never, I literally mean never! My parents still tell stories about me trying to rig the games, sneak cards, and win.. and when I didn’t the whole world came crashing down! They said I was the worst loser ever… to be honest, I’m still a pretty sore loser to this day. Guess some things never change!

Just like the fact that I  always want to play games! Anytime I have people over I normally suggest, “hey, let’s play a game!”  On family vacations we always like to get a round of Liverpool going! And when I go to the beach with Clint I     always do a puzzle! I  really enjoy challenging myself through games, sudoku books, and puzzles! I’d like to think it keeps my mind young and ticking!

So… If you’re ready to host a game night, here’s my Checklist for ya:

  1. Comfy Seating & a decent sized table! Whether you’re playing cards or a board game, you want to make sure you have enough space and seating for everyone!
  2. Relaxing Tunes- I like to play music in the background! I normally just put it on a POP station and tell Echo to go to Volume 3!
  3. Casual Attire- Wear something cozy and casual!!! If you’re in your own home or going to a friends, you want to be in chill mode!
  4. Wine, Beer, Cocktails, Beverages- This is a must! I like wine with my games 😉
  5. Popcorn and Snacks!! yassss!
  6. Variety of Games- I’m listing my favorites below!
  • The most creative one is probably the customized Jenga! I  made this for Clint back when I was in college! Each block has a ‘to do’ or specific ‘feature’ on it! We liked playing this with our friends because it turned a classic game into a little more fun!
  • When it comes to summer games, I recommend the H20 Uno! I normally take the deck on beach trips with me and to the lake! It’s available on Amazon!
  • Girls Night Out- The “What If” Game is a must!!! So fun for all your gal pals to play!
  • Rummikub is one of my favorite games to play with my parents and Clint! It really makes you think!
  • I grew up playing Set! My mom was the Gifted and Talented Coordinator for our school district. I remember she use to let us play it back in elementary school to get our brains stimulated! Still to this day I like it!

If y’all have any other favorite board games or suggestions, send them my way! I always like trying new ones out! I’m thinking tonight I might challenge myself to a game of Set or a Sudoku Puzzle!

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