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Almay Beauty Favorites!

I’m a sucker for new makeup, cosmetics, and beauty products. It goes with that saying, “How will you ever know, until you try it?” That’s kind of my thinking behind testing out new things, wearing different clothes, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and letting loose. Lately, I’ve been branching out on so many things! Especially when it comes to skin care and beauty products! Today, I’m teaming up with Almay to share with you all some new things I’ve been trying out and recommend!

  • Multi-Benefit Mascara– For some reason, I always have a hard time picking out mascaras. I’m super picky because I  want my mascara to add extra volume to my lashes, without irritating my eye. Those are my 2 main priorities when it comes to picking out my mascara! So far, so good with this product! It doesn’t seem to cause any issues with my eyes, it lasts almost all day, and I can definitely tell that it adds volume and length to my lashes!
  • Gel Smooth Liner– I  typically navigate towards eyeliners that are easy to apply, go on smoothly, and last all day! This one is all those things!
  • Liquid Eyeliner– I use liquid eyeliner on the top of my eye only. I started doing this a couple years ago because I    found that liquid eyeliner stayed on when I curled my lashes, where as normal liner would smudge or wear off. I  curl my lashes and always have.. Probably because I use to watch my mom do it when I was growing up! Now it’s just apart of my routine!
  • Smart Shade Powder Blush– I use to wear all kinds of blushes and never really pay attention to which ones match my skin.. Now I know that’s a big no, no! However, the good thing about the smart shade powder is that it consists of 3 shades! When dipping your brush in the powder, lightly glide it across the colors so it blends in well with your skin tone!
  • Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer– Someone once told me, “Would you ever paint a wall or your car without  priming it first?” It’s forever stuck with me and now I can’t put on makeup without primer first! This Luminous primer sets your fave with a smooth texture that allows your other makeup to go on nicely!
  • Instant Glow Highlighting Duo– In the summer, when I’m tan, I like to whip out my highlighter and really accentuate my face! This one is made for sensitive skin and great for sculpting exactly where you want the highlighter to go!
  • Palette Pops Eyeshadow– Palettes are the best because you get a variety of colors to play with! With this one you have all your traditional colors and that extra blue and purple for glam night!
  • Goddess Gloss– I’m trying out two different shades right now! I’m use to wearing matte lipstick, but I’m liking the gloss for summer!
  • Makeup Remover Towelettes– Oh my gosh I love these makeup wipes!!! They work so well on my skin! I’ve tried out ones that irritate my cheeks or break out my forehead, but these babies are working perfectly! Think out found my new makeup remover bff!
  • Makeup Remover Pads– These are great to use when you are wiping off eye shadow and eye makeup! Plus, they are travel size and easy to tote around!

All these products are shop-able below!

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