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Negative thoughts can ruin your day, consume your week, and carry on for months.
I’ve found over the past couple of years it’s better to let things go than hold onto them, especially when they are negative! When my mind starts to take me downhill and to a dark place, I instantly try to do some of these things:

  • Think about a moment in my life when I was genuinely happy, then recreate the details in my mind. This usually helps put a smile on my face.
  • Pray to God. I know we should all talk to God though the good and the bad.. but if I start to believe that Satan is taking over, I instantly pray!
  • Go for a run or walk. Seems like this always does the trick! Sometimes we just need time to cool off and process our emotions.
  • Read a daily devotional. Quiet time, is the best time. Especially when it’s spent reflecting with God.
  • Check out my horoscope! I just downloaded an app and I like to read mine everyday!! This might help send positive vibes your way!
  • Listen to my ‘happy playlist’. – crank up the music and just jam!!!
  • Call my bestie.. this has been my go-to lately. When things go wrong I just call my BFF and let it all out. We all need that 1 person in our life that we can turn to.
  • Write in my journal. I recently started writing in a diary (or whatever you want to call it). This has been soooo emotionally helpful. When you let out your thoughts, truly let them out in writing, I’ve found it can instantly make your soul feel better. (I think studies show how much it can help too! Or at least that’s what C told me!)
  • Drink a Diet Coke. Or eat ice cream. – would this be a ‘happy’ thoughts blog post without some form of sweets? Probably not… seriously though, I like to eat my feelings. But don’t we all at some point or another?
  • Retail Therapy… one of my worst guilty pleasures. Seriously though, it works.. if I’m feeling bad about something or myself, I’ll order a new pair of leggings.. when they arrive it’s like I’m back in action and ready to get going again!
  • Take a long bath. I fill the tub with too many bath salts and just soak it all in. This helps my mind find peace.
  • Cleaning/Organize something. I can’t help myself, I’m OCD. So when I start cleaning, or organizing my mind gets consumed with the task at hand.. plus when I’m finished it always feels rewarding.
  • How do you all whisk away negative thoughts? Sad memories, bad times? Send me recommendations.
  • Hope you all had a great day! xo, Torunn
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