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I’m introducing you all to one of my favorite beauty tools ever today! The ‘GLOPRO’!  Lately, I’ve found myself using this more and more! I’ve worked it into my every day skin care routine! When I first got it I would use it about 4 times a week, right before bed.  However, since our wedding is right around the corner I’ve been super cautious and careful with my skin! I’m prepping it to stay healthy during all my travels, leading up to our big day!  And although I’m in a stage of life where my skin is so important to me, this is a tool I use, and will be using forever! 

I actually got it last Christmas. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write up a post on it! Guess since it’s been on my mind, in my suitcase, and on my bathroom counter 24/7, I might as well open up and share what I love about it! 

For starters, the GloPro is a microneedling regeneration tool. I like to think of it as a small hand-held tool that has a bunch of tiny little needles used for rejuvenation.  This tool stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration response to induce micro-rejuvenation deep within the skin. As the micro tips pass over the skin, cells immediately respond, and the rejuvenation process begins. Attached to the tool is a LED light function that works beside the needle tips to enhance regenerative skin benefits. 

When I first started reading reviews about the GloPro I came to the conclusion that the needle tips damage your skin and cause your cells to work extra hard to turn over. Scientifically speaking, I’m not for sure if my interoperation is totally correct, but close enough! As adults, our skin normally turns over every 30 to 40 days. In order to notice a difference from the GloPro, you need to use it religiously and give it about a month! Let your cells acclimate to the tool and let your body do the rest!

Now, onto the good stuff! You’re probably wondering, why in the heck does she like rolling tiny needles all over her face!? Doesn’t that hurt? What are the benefits? — Well here is why I love it:

  • The GloPro firms and smooths out your skin. One of the main reasons I bought it was to try to reduce the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead!
  • It’s a natural way to stimulate your skins rejuvenation process.
  • My skin care products seem to soak into my skin better when I use this tool prior to application. (Just started today and fields to help with my melasma – so the more my skin absorbs the products, the better!)
  • It’s a reliable, easy-to-use device!
  • You can buy different attachment heads that target certain areas of your body. I only have the face tip, but I’m thinking about buying the body tip to use on the back of my legs. I’ve read where it’s suppose to help smooth out any lines and reduce cellulite.
  • I can feel the results!! And see them! The morning after I use my GloPro, I feel a slight tingly sensation when I apply my face products! That’s how I know my cells are reacting and are forced to rejuvenate, to protect my outer layer of skin.
  • My skin just glows.. maybe that’s in my head but I feel like it’s got a healthier appearance!

Along with the GloPro, I use my Clarisonic about 5 times a week!! Definitely 2 products I recommend!!

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