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A little Life Update!

Hi friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve really sat down and told you what’s going on in my life! Figured since I share so many other things with you all, I need to include some big things that have been happening as well! So here it goes..

For starters, I feel like I’m trailing behind in every aspect of my life. As the days pass by my to-do list seems to keep getting longer instead of shorter and here’s why:

  1. Traveling
  2. Finishing up some home projects
  3. wedding planning
  4. wedding planning
  5. wedding planning
  6. honeymoon planning
  7. squeezing in workouts & #bbg (b/c lbh wedding stress is catching up with me)
  8. dreaming about fall shoots, clothes, and decor

You’ve probably noticed that over the last two weeks I’ve been in Los Angeles, Kentucky, and Miami! My trips were kind of planned on a whim and added to my calendar last minute. I figured before I get married and truly settle down I    should get out and explore! So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! My next vacay is my bachelorette trip, in Vegas. However, I told myself after that I’m done traveling until my honeymoon. I have so many things I need to do for the wedding that I can’t afford to miss a couple days away from home.

Speaking of wedding I feel like it is consuming my days. We are in full on wedding mode right now! I go to bed thinking about our big day and the moment I wake up I say, “okay, what do I need to get done for it today?”  We have been trying to do as many things as we can in advance so when October rolls around we can try to enjoy ourselves! Realistically, I’d like to have my wedding to-do list completed by October 5th (15 days before the wedding) so then I can savor every last moment before “I Do!” But.. I know how my mom and I operate.. which means the night before the wedding I’m sure we are going to panicking about everything! Does every bride feel like this?
I keep asking people for advice and literally almost every person says, “just try to soak up every detail and truly enjoy the moment.”  I’m over here like, “yeah, easy for you to say! I feel like my head and heart are about to explode!” Seriously.. here’s what my thoughts look like- did I order the bridesmaid robes? Oh yeah I want that bouquet! did we order the decor for the altar? when does the band arrive? I need to remind my photographer to take this exact picture! do my vows sound okay? Is C going to like his wedding present? what should I pack for the honeymoon? are the chandeliers going to turn on? what should we do as a send off? have I finalized the cake design yet? Do I want 3 glasses on the table, or just water and champagne glasses? who is going to sit where? Will the dance floor be big enough? — seriously y’all, it never ends!!!!!  and when it does, I have no idea what I’m going to do with all my time!

To keep my sanity, I’ve been trying to cook and read in my free time (which is like 30 minutes a day)! From blogging, shooting pictures, day-to-day house chores, errands, wedding planning, wedding designing, thank you cards, yard work, pups, and so much more I feel like every spare second of my life is now dedicated to October 20th.. Since we’re leading up to that day and our wedding showers have flown by, I’m slowly getting all the things I’ve registered for! Organizing and finding space for everything has been the most difficult part! Now that I have it all, I  just want to use it! Especially our kitchenware! Last week I made a really good BBQ chicken in the crockpot! C said it was probably his favorite!  People always ask me, “how are you dieting for your wedding?”, “Are you stressed about your dress not fitting?” To tell you the truth.. I’m not dieting at all or watching what I eat.. I’ve been really active the past 5 years and I  eat what I want to.. I’m just trying to maintain that lifestyle now and not let the stress of the big day and being “thin” get to me. Believe me, I have plenty of other things to worry about besides my weight and my dress fitting! (At the end of day C is going to love me no matter what!)

Aside from the wedding stuff, life is going well! I had a friend in last weekend! Miss her already! Clint’s a working man now and is super busy all the time.. he’s been out of town since Tuesday so I’m excited to see him tonight! Oslo and Charlie are lovin’ life! They live for daily treats and running to the neighbors yard! My closet never stops growing. My planner is running out of space. And there aren’t enough hours in the day…  but I’m alive! I’m healthy! & God is good!  so I  shouldn’t complain!

Hope y’all enjoyed a catch up on my life! Let me know if you want me to do these more often!
Feels good to kind of get it all out there!

xoxo, T

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  1. Jennifer Clary

    September 6, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Love you sweet girl! Xoxo

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