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It’s a 10 Hair Care

Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray  |  Miracle Finishing Spray  |  Miracle Shampoo  |  Miracle Texture Fiber  |  Miracle Deep Conditioner

Let’s talk hair!!
I’ve been trying out some ‘It’s a 10’ hair products and I wanted to share with you all what I love about each one! A couple years ago my hair dresser recommended I try this brand! She said it does well for blondes and the keratin line would be great to use on my hair! Ever since then I’ve rotated it in shower from time to time. My mom is a huge fan of the shampoo and conditioner and swears by it! (btw, she’s not a blonde.. so it works well on brunettes too). Overall consensus, the shampoo and conditioner get a 10/10 in my book!

Shampoo- The main reason I’ve come to love this shampoo is because of what it does for my highlights! The keratin in this product helps preserve my color and prevent breakage from my highlights. It also does a very good job of leaving my hair feeling refreshed and natural! There’s a very fine line for my hair, where it can either be too oily or too dry.  This shampoo walks that line and I love it!!!  My main concern is oily hair and I rarely have it when I use this shampoo.

Conditioner- I have a hard time finding a conditioner that does well with my hair. I  have very fine hair and it seems like a lot of conditioners I use leave my roots feeling super oily. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “well don’t put the conditioner so close to your roots, just put it on your ends.”  I promise I do that y’all! I never put conditioner on the top of my head unless I’m doing a deep conditioner treatment! I’d like to think I’m aware of all the tricks for when it comes to using conditioner the right way… and even when I apply it to my ends, some will still leave my hair feeling oily. However, this one doesn’t really do that!  It has just the right ingredients to smooth my hair cuticles, detangle my ends, and leave my locks shiny!

These two products are probably my new favorite duo!! Highly recommend!

Finishing Spray- Is any hair of head really complete with our some finishing spray, shine spray, or hair spray!? I think not!! I tried this spray for the first time last month and I’m hooked! After I style my hair in the morning, I’ll spritz some of this on it to ensure I have a good finishing touch on my blonde hair! This spray is light-weight, not sticky (which is a must in my book – I despise sticky hair sprays), and works to protect your hair all day!

Texture Fiber- This product is probably best to use when you want extreme hold! After I curl my hair I’ll put some of this on the tips of my fingers and gently rub it through my ends and the body of my hair. It will definitely add some texture to your hair, if that’s what you’re going for! It’ll also help tame those fly aways and frizz!


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