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Our Fav Places in Europe!

Happy Wednesday friends!
Hope you all are having a great day! I’ve been reminsicing on our European adventures and honeymoon, so I wanted to share with you all some of our favorite places! This blog post was highly requested. I received a ton of messages about our cruise itinerary, favorite cities, where to travel, and things to see! As promised, here’s my opinion!

Clint and I both agreed that the best places to visit are:

Valetta Malta- This was by our favorite place! We just enjoyed the city, the scenery, walking down the streets, and eating lunch in a busy area! We felt like Valetta had more of a touristy feel, with lots happening! It was also by far one of the cleanest cities we visited! It was right up our alley and meshed well with our younger vibes!

Palma de Mallorca- Unfortunately it rained while we were here.  That kind of put a damper on our exploration and shopping plans.  Instead we just did a quick walk by Palma Cathedral, grabbed some gelato, and picked up a couple souvenirs!  There were a couple streets that looked really cute, busy, and fun! Lots of restaurants, shops, and local stores to keep you entertained. Clint and I mentioned going back another time if we were ever in Europe!

Barcelona, Spain- We spent two days in Barcelona and it was amazing! Out of all the cities, I feel like this one offered the most attractions! The first day there we took a tour bus around the city and then went to explore Camp Nou!  Clint absolutely loved it!  That night we had the most exquisite dinner at Torre d’Alta Mar, with the best view of the city! Definitely recommend trying it out if you’re ever there!  Also, you must go see the Sagrada Familia!! Truly a work of art and wonder!

The French Riviera (Nice, France)- Nice was our final destination on the cruise! It was the best way to end our trip too! Nice was cute, quaint, and gorgeous!  It’s also close to Monte Carlo and Monaco! Most people will take a drive to see all the cities and explore ‘The French Riviera’. I told Clint that maybe in another life we could live on a sailboat there. How romantic, right!?

Our trip ended all too soon.. Now I’m ready to go back!
Any places you all recommend visiting or seeing!?  I love adding to my bucketlist 😉

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