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Holiday Wrapping Styles & Tips

It’s no secret that this time of the year is my favorite!
And I’d like to think that my mom and I have kind of started our own tradition when it comes to holiday wrapping and package decor! When November rolls around we start to think about our ‘theme’ and keeping an eye out for our favorite wrapping paper! I think we would both agree that wrapping and accessorizing our packages has become an art! and I’m not complaining!

If you’re new to wrapping, I always suggest starting with a theme! From there I like to follow these steps:

  1. Pick 1 to 2 main colors that you want to center all your packages around!
  2. Buy 3-4 rolls of wrapping paper that all coordinate!
    • This year I choose gold, with silver, white, and black accents!
    • It’s good to have 1 solid color wrapping paper, 1 with a minimal print, and 1 with a busy print! That way when they are all under your tree they clash together and accent your tree!
  3. Pick out a couple different ribbons that will look good on all the packages
  4. Pick out clip on ornaments, greenery, stems, glittery sticks, red berries, or figures to tie your bows around! These help add character to your gifts!  (You’ll notice I  have some wedding bells, green stems, and ornaments tied to a couple of mine!)
  5. Add the gift tags for a final touch!!  Target has some really cute ones out right now!!

I’m linking some options that go with my theme below!

Wrapping Paper


Clip On 

Gift Tags 

p.s.- The Container Store, Home Goods, Target, and At Home have a great selection of wrapping papers!!

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