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New Year, New Me!

As 2018 comes to an end today I’ve started to reflect on all that has happened these past 12 months.
Just yesterday I started scrolling though pictures from January until now… and wow oh wow! From beach trips, LA, Miami, Europe, losing my father-in law, wedding festivities, buying a home, watching C graduate, adopting Charlie, and saying, “I  DO!” I believe that’s going to be a hard year to beat! There were lots of ups and downs. Many emotions, struggles, and times of bliss. There were tears and laughter.. but most of all there was love!  2018 definitely showered me with blessings all around!

I’m starting 2019 with a full heart, lots of goals, and a clear mind! Here’s some things I hope to accomplish (or as most of you would like to call them, “new year resolutions”):

  • What am I thankful for? first thing in the morning, before I touch my phone or walk my dogs, I want to say one thing I’m thankful for. I know that’s going to help get my day started with positive vibes!
  • Faith- I want to strengthen my relationship with God.  Maybe improve my daily devotions, try talking to God more, and living a more Christian lifestyle.
  • Get involved with a church community. Since Clint and I moved to Paducah I feel like we haven’t found our true church home yet. I’m hoping that changes this year and we start to get more involved.
  • Don’t beat myself up if I skip a couple days at the gym. I struggle with the pressure of always have to feel like I need to be doing something or at least 1 physical activity a day.  In 2019 I’m going to be more in touch with my body and just listen to it. When I need to rest, I’ll rest. If I feel like I need to hit the gym, then I’ll hit the gym. I’m starting to realize there are more important things than killing myself in the gym everyday and wearing my body down.
  • Read a book every month! (Maybe I’ll do a monthly book post! Would y’all like that?)
  • Take better care of my skin and body. With each passing year I’ve noticed changes in my muscles, knees, pores, wrinkles, etc. I’m going to make it a priority of mine to always treat my body with respect, give it a break when it needs it, replenish it with healthy nutrients, wash my face in the morning/after workouts/before bed, and keep it out of the sun (or with SPF always).
  • Explore new hobbies- I told Clint I’d like to get a sewing machine and take up crocheting.
  • Do More Yoga- I go through kicks where I’ll go to yoga classes, then a month or two will go buy and I realize I     haven’t been once. I’m hoping in 2019 I can make myself go more! I always feel my best after showing my body some love, stretching, and thanking God that I’m able to do things like yoga, running, weightlifting, etc.
  • Go to a concert
  • Hit 200 rides on my peloton!!  Come this time next year, I better be saying, “I Did it!” Wish me luck!!!!
  • Complete a half marathon. If I’m up for it, maybe even a marathon!
  • Visit 3 new cities!
  • Blogging- Connect with my followers, meet some other bloggers, and expand my potential collaborations!

This is just the beginning of the list! I’m sure as the days pass, I’ll be mentally adding more!
I’d love to hear some of your resolutions! Leave me a comment or two!
Happy New Years Eve!!

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