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Wedding Day Details & Theme

Once Upon A Time..

Welcome to 10.20.2018!
I’m so excited to start off ‘Wedding Week’ with pictures and details from our wedding theme! I’ve been working hard on getting all these posts together and I know it’s long overdue! Sorting through 3k pictures, getting links/ tags, and then combining it all together is very time consuming! However, it’s been at the top of my list to start this year off reminiscing on our big day and spilling all I can about it on the blog! These posts are all quite long, so if you’re reading along, grab a bite to eat or a glass of wine and get ready.. Romance is about to fill the air! And spoiler alert, you might just witness a HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

From the moment we sent out our save the dates to the moment our big day ended, we tried very hard to stick to our ‘fairytale’ theme. A lot of time, thought, and effort went into planning our wedding and we tried to think of every little detail! Throughout the wedding you’ll see our logo quite frequently. It was on the save the dates, invitations, aisle runner, programs, menus, dance floor, books, cocktail napkins, and more! We wanted it to be visible throughout the entire wedding.


Our invitations consisted of three cards and two envelopes. We had a gold foil formal invitation. Followed by a cocktail and reception invitation, that include our accommodations and directions on the back. All of our envelopes were pre-addressed with my parents address (I’ve blurred it out in these photos for confidentiality).

Our Love Story

Our entire wedding was planned around these books. Once I saw the idea I knew that’s how I wanted to do our big day! Each event of the wedding had it’s own book. The first book was set up at the end of the driveway, so as soon as you turned onto the estate the fairytale novel began. ‘Chapter one’ followed shortly after and ‘chapter two’ was set up when you walked in the ceremony. ‘Chapter three’ was the start of cocktail hour and ‘the end’ was the entrance to our reception!
I’ve received a lot of questions on how I created these books. I designed them myself on (along with our logo). We then had a local company print them on large foam boards. My dad built the wood backings and stands! They were all handmade and totally worth every headache they caused to actually get them made and transported! Without these books I don’t know if our wedding wouldv’e been the same! Love how they turned out!

A Horse & A Carriage

I may have met my prince charming years ago, but what happily ever after is complete without a horse and carriage? My maid of honor and I rode down the long driveway in the carriage before the ceremony. After the horse stayed around for some pictures. Isn’t he the cutest!?

Wedding Day Accessories & Rings

My jewelry and shoes probably deserved a whole blog post to themselves, but I decided to combine it with this one because after all, they are some major details!!
My ceremony shoes were hand painted to replicate our logo and fairytale theme. I had my dad write on my flats and my brother write on my reception heels! You may have noticed some strange writing on the bibles I gave my bridesmaids and on one side of my shoes. My dad is actually from Norway, so I decided to tie that piece of my life into our big day. He wrote, “ha et godt liv fylt med lyyke love, daddy” on my flats, which means, “have a good life filled with happiness”. Only seemed fitting to have the first men in my life to be apart of my special day in a unique, fun way. These shoes are pieces I will cherish forever.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

My Bestemor’s (grandmother from Norway) rings were my ‘something old’.
Which my dad actually gave me as a gift when we did our first look!
‘Something new’ was a lot of things- my earrings, my shoes, my dress.
‘Something borrowed’ was Clint’s grandmothers ring (shown on my pinky) and my garter ‘something blue’!

Signs & Details

From parking signs, instagram hashtags, and welcome boards, we tried to do it all! These are just some fun inspiration pictures that might come in handy if you’re planning a wedding. Also, make sure you don’t forget to set up a gift/card table! It almost slipped our mind but we made sure to add it last minute!

In Loving Memory

As many of you all know we lost my father-in-law 3 days before our wedding. We already had planned to do a ‘in loving memory’ spot for our grandparents who have passed away. This picture of Dex is one of my favorites.

Dexter was an amazing dad and husband. As sad as it was to not have him there, we know he was very much so apart of our day. So much so, that when I started walking down the aisle people drastically noticed the wind stop. It had been blowing all day, but during our ceremony the sun was shining through the trees and a silence just took over. Also, during the ceremony, when I let my dove fly, it landed in the only empty seat, in the front row. So many signs about 10.20.2018 point to the heavens above. Thank you God for that blessing and the faith that was noticeably present on our big day.

Wedding & Shower Guest Book

My mom had the most brilliant idea to create a wedding guest/picture book that we used throughout the season. Starting with our first wedding shower we had guests sign in and leave messages. Then we printed off pictures and filled the following pages with memories from that event. For all 4 showers and our wedding day, we have 1 big book, that we can flip through and reminisce!
Along with our book, we had a custom tree painted and framed, for guests to also sign during the cocktail hour! It’s now hanging in our basement and we look at it from time to time!

Wedding Day Details

Here are a couple more pictures for inspiration! Looking back it’s so fun to see how all my ideas came to life! Our ceremony was staged with a backdrop of our vows! We used half of my vows and half of Clint’s, then had it printed on material! As we read our vows out loud, our guest followed along. You’ll also notice all the picture frames entering the ceremony and our programs. We wanted to give our guests something to look at while they were being ushered into their seats.

Not only did we do a dove release during our ceremony, we scheduled a dove balloon release for the night! It was a fun addition to our big day!

Another one of my favorites were our wedding guest favors! We gave out keychain flashlights that were tagged, ‘let love light the way’.

To be continued…

so there’s lots more to come in the following days! I’m going to be sharing dress details, our bridal party, the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception! There’s so much to show that one or two posts couldn’t possibly tell all!

Hope you all enjoyed this introduction to our big day and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow, where I’ll be going all out with ‘my dresses’ and wardrobe!

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  1. Addison

    January 15, 2019 at 9:10 pm

    Oh my goodness this is just breathtakingly beautiful. Every single little detail was just gorgeous and so well thought out. Seeing all of it brought me to tears!

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