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Wedding Ceremony

Welcome to Day 4 of Wedding Week!!!
Cue the wedding bells and release the doves, “I Do’s” have been said!
This post, like the other’s is super long and filled with so many moments from our ceremony! I tried to lay it out in chronological order so you feel like you are apart of it from the beginning! Enjoy!

This bell is very special to our family. My father-in-law has had it for years and always said he wanted it to be a part of our special day. We mounted it for pre-ceremony ringing and after! One of my best guy friends, Diego, rang it as a signal for the horse and carriage to bring me down the aisle! In true fashion, wedding bells filled the air!! After the ceremony and pictures Clint and I took a moment to ring it and celebrate!

Entrance to the Ceremony

My mother-in-law came up with the idea to put up golden gates for all our guests to be escorted through! After they signed in we had ushers lead them to the back of the aisle and to their rows!
Above the sign in table you’ll also notice a collage of floating pictures! While our guests were waiting I wanted to give them something to look at. I filled the frames with pictures of us dating through the years!

Here Comes the Bride…

These pictures were moments before I walked down the aisle! My maid of honor and I rode down the driveway in the horse and carriage and we met my dad at the end of beginning of the aisle runner.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say these couple of minutes were filled with the most emotions I’ve ever had at once. I started tearing up when I walked down the aisle but my dad reassured me. From that point on it was all happy tears and smiles.


Before my dad gave me away we had a congregational prayer. We wanted to get our family and friends involved from the very beginning of our ceremony and we figured this was the best way to do it.

Exchange of Vows

Clint and I exchanged our vows (more pics at the end of this post). I’ve always wanted to do this. I think it’s so special to hear couples express their love through their own words. Hearing Clint read me his vows and make his promises just melted my heart. I needed that more than anything on our wedding day.

Dove Release

Our dove release was a last minute addition to our ceremony. We kept going back and forth on whether or not we could get the doves in time, but we did! Right before we were about to let them go we almost kissed but we caught ourselves.. you can see the pic ^ haha (it’s like a force of attraction, we couldn’t help but go in for the kiss) – such a fun, meaningful, memorable part of our ceremony… and the dove landed on the empty seat in our front row.. that was Dexter in heaven… just makes me smile!

Unity Candle

After the dove release we did our unity candle with our moms! My mom passed me my candle light and Clint’s mom passed him his. This was the true moment of the joining of our families, as one! If you’re considering adding this tradition to your ceremony, I say go for it!!!

You May Now Kiss the Bride

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

Bridal Party

Our Altar

Our altar backdrop was made from our vows! We had a local company print half my vows and half of Clint’s on a 12 ft. runner. We wanted to do something unique and different, and I always loved this idea! Love how it turned out!

Our Vows

Shop our Vow Boards HERE

I asked Clint, “are we going to try to memorize our vows?” No way…. so we ordered these instead!!! Now we have them hanging in our living room!! love, love, love!!!!

Happily Ever After..

Stay Tuned..

Tomorrow I’m taking you through the golden gates and onto the cocktail hour!

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