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Cocktail Hour

It’s Day 5 of Wedding Week!
I’m taking y’all to the cocktail tables, scattered through the pines, and our 4:00-5:00 pm wedding hour! Since Clint and I didn’t do a first look we had to take all our pictures after the ceremony. We built a cocktail hour into our schedule so our guest could drink champagne, eat hors d’oeuvres, sign our framed canvas, leave us notes for the upcoming years, and take pictures. After an hour, when we wrapped up our pictures, we started escorting guests to our reception. Keep scrolling to see some pictures from our cocktail hour!

Through the golden gates and to the pine trees! Hope these pictures make you feel like you’re right here, in the midst of our big day!

We used old trees to cut as stumps and form the path to cocktail hour. In the pictures above you’ll see the books, flowers, vases, candles, and trinkets we set up on top of them! I have to admit, we truly tried to think of every detail!

We wanted to accommodate the guests who would want to sit during the cocktail hour, so we scattered seats and chairs throughout the trees.

I put this message in a bottle table together last minute! I thought it’d be really fun for our guests to leave us messages and we open them up on anniversaries, throughout the years.

We carried over the dove theme from our ceremony, to a balloon send off night! It ended up being most of our bridal part who came out to release the balloons with us. However, it was really fun and special! I told them all to make a wish when they let them go!

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