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Valentine’s Day Picnic

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Love is in the air!!! And I’m soooo excited about today’s post!!! I shared a sneak peek of my vday picnic on Instagram, but here’s more details of the set up!!

When we were kids my mom started a tradition with our family. Every Valentine’s Day we had a picnic around our coffee table. We would make homemade, heart shaped pizzas, eat potato soup, and indulge in yummy desserts!!! Followed by our family dinner we would open a couple small gifts. (They were always thoughtful goodies that expressed love!) When I went off to college my mom still sent me gifts to keep the tradition going! But now that I’m married and we’re settled in our new home, I’m restarting the tradition!! This time, it’s in the Johnson casa!!!!

February 14th is such a special day for me, mostly because of the memories it brings back! I wanted to share it with y’all because maybe some of you would like to start the same tradition!! Yeah it’s fun getting dolled up and going out to eat… but I think it’s even more fun to enjoy a truly ‘love’ly night at home, with the people you love most!!

Grab you a picnic basket, make some pizzas, eat some doughnuts, read ‘The Story of Valentine’s Day’, and relish the family room gathering!! It’s a celebration you won’t forget!!!

Can’t wait to start this with C!!!!! <3 we’ve got a lifetime of February 14th’s together, as one!!

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