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Last Minute ‘Gal’entines Ideas!

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Happy Galentines Day!!!
Hard to believe that it’s almost V-Day!! Ahh where did time go!?
I’m celebrating with Clint tomorrow night! I’m excited because this our first one together as a married couple!
Not only am I celebrating the holiday with C, I celebrated with my gals on Monday night. We went to a local spot for dinner and had the best time! Originally, I thought about hosting a galantines at our house but we did dinner instead. They had a jar at our table with quotes in it.. When I started reading them, I got the idea to create today’s post!

So if you’re hosting a Galentine’s dinner and you need some last minute games or ideas, check out some of these:
– Baking- Have a bake off! Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, ice cream.. whatever your sweet tooth is craving! I baked macaroons with my friends on Tuesday and we had the best quality time!
-Make your own heart shaped pizzas- Clint and I are actually doing this tomorrow night! But it could be fun to set up a pizza bar with toppings and let everyone make their own!
Galentines Day Bingo- Who doesn’t love a round of old fashion bingo!? Cut out these squares
Valentines Tic Tac Toe- Create your own boards and use M&M’s!
Valentines Pictionary– Separate into 2 teams and play a fun round of pictionary!
Valentines Day Mad Lib– everybody take one and fill it out! Then read them out loud and vote on the best.
Dice Game– roll the dice and cover the squares! ( 21+ years of age- If you’re up for it you could even turn it into a drinking game!)
Pin the Lips on Mrs. Valentine’s – print off these lips. blindfold the girl, then see who can pin the lips on Mrs. Valentine’s!

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