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Puffed Sleeve Top

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Happy Tuesday folks! Hope your week is off to a great start!
I’m dreading today…. I have an appointment with an oral surgeon about getting my wisdom teeth taken out. When I was laying in bed last night I told Clint I was sooo nervous. I’ve never really had any major procedure (besides another one with my gums when I got braces) and the thought of this literally give me anxiety. I started researching online and some videos of the procedure popped up.. Clint was like, “Omg do not dare watch one of those. Get that off your screen now!” I think he’s scared for me… but today will be the final say. Please keep me in your prayers!

In another news I’m off to Houston this weekend to visit with some college friends. As I started thinking about what I wanted to pack, this spring top came to mind! It’s currently on sale and available in 3 colors!! My favorite part is the sleeve details!! So cute!!!

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