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5 Things to Keep You Happy

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It’s such a pretty day in Kentucky and I feel so good! I’m happy, joyful, excited for spring, and feeling beyond thankful for all of life’s blessings. I started thinking about the things that make me happy.. besides my husband, my dogs, pretty weather, a good book, morning jogs, extra coffee, time with friends, dinner dates, açaí bowls.. the usual things, there’s more than just surface level…
And that’s what brought me to today’s list:

  1. Devotional– Every morning I read my Jesus Calling Devotional and I go to my bible app to read the verse of the day. Just starting my day off with these two things has completely changed my outlook on life. After I finish them I always relate what I read to my life and other’s. Then I find myself smiling.. not only because I’ve read God’s word, but because I can feel him in my soul. I know that he is with me wherever I go, throughout my days.
  2. Journal- I hate to admit this, because this is supposed to be a happy post but my journal is filled with bad days and sad times.. Do you ever get so caught up in something and so down, that you feel like it’s trapped inside your thoughts 24/7.. Well I have. and that’s why I started a journal. When I put my thoughts on paper I feel 935732 times better. It’s like I’m letting it all out! – It’s funny cause I was texting my best friend today about keeping a journal. Then she went and bought one! Can’t wait to see how she likes it!
  3. Playlists- I have a happy playlist, a sad one, one for working out, country, love… you name it I’ve got a playlist for it. Real talk though, a happy one is key!!! One you can jam to in your car, blare on the speaker, sing to the top of your lungs, make you feel good, smiling kind of playlist.
  4. Surround yourself with people you love– This is key. When you’re around the people you love, you can’t help but be happy! I think we all need to belong to someone. Whether that’s a parent, a friend, a boyfriend, a husband, a wife.. we all deserve someone! And that someone (or those 10 people) you invest your time with, is worth so much for your well-being. I know if it wasn’t for my family, friends, and God, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So go love your ppl.. and love them extra!!
  5. Let yourself be happy– So many times we allow ourselves to suffer, worry, and struggle. If we could just get in a mindset of, “Hey, I’m going to do this and I’m going to love it”, “God loves me. I’m here for a reason”, or “wow.. life really sucks but I still have so much to be thankful for” then that would really change our outlook. I’m guilty for letting my emotions ruin a situation but it’s something I’m working on. Just letting life do it’s thing and allowing yourself to believe in the happiness you deserve is a little more of what this world needs.

And so there you have it.. A little bit of my two sense and my happy list 🙂 I hope it’s at least put a smile on your face!! Happy Tuesday gals!! xoxo, T

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