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10 products that promote HAPPINESS

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Happy Wednesday!
Hope you all are having a great day! Since this outfit just makes me smile I wanted to share 5 items that promote happiness in my life! I’m sure you can guess some of then, others might catch ya off guard!

  • Daily Devotional– I’m sure you all have seen me feature this devotional on my instagram stories before! I like to start each morning off by reading it!
  • Furbo– thanks to Furbo I can interact with my pups all day, everyday! They all just added this newest feature to the app where at the end of each day you get your doggy diary! It shows highlights from morning-night of your pups! Clint and I watch it every night and just grin from ear to ear!
  • Peloton- this, along with my computer and phone are probably the 3 most used items in my household! There are days that I don’t want to exercise but then I usually end up making myself. So I’ll go hop on the Peloton and do a quick spin! Almost every time I finish, I go, “wow… I’m so glad I did that” or “yeah I really needed that!” I’ve found that even just 10-30 min a day, where I unplug is always helpful! In the end, it helps me let out endorphins and keeps me going and happy!
  • Face Wash– there’s nothing like coming home at the end of the long day and washing your face! Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Roomba – this little gadget has made my life a million times easier! I’ll turn it while I answer emails or take a shower! keeps me from having to vacuum all the time!
  • Sheets– There’s nothing, “clean sheet day” as I would say to Clint!! It’s by far our favorite day of the week! There’s just something about crawling into bed with a fresh smell and softness that makes me happy!
  • Essential Oils– Every night before bed I turn on my diffuser! I’ll usually let it run while I take a shower and bath, so then when I get out the room is filled with fresh oil! I’ve found it helps us sleep at night!
  • Puzzles– I’m addicted to a 1000+ puzzle! I love a challenge and I won’t quit til I finish!
  • Piano- personally, playing the piano brings happiness to my life! Now.. if only I could get C to accompany me on guitar, while I play 😉
  • Filing Cabinet– yeah this one is probably cheesy and stupid but I’m a sucker for some good organization! I like to have all my important files in one place where they are easily accessible! This keeps my brain functioning and happiness is the result!

Did you notice almost half these had to do with nighttime/bed time!? I must really like my sleep or something! 😉 — now I’m going to encourage you to think about 3 things that bring happiness to your life! some might even surprise you!

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