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Rooftop Sunset

DressCeCeEarrings Kendra Scott

Happy Tuesday pretty girls!! I’m writing this post and dreaming of a sunset toast, on the rooftop of Confluer!! Just like in these pictures!! What a wonderful, magical shoot this was!

As a blogger, one of my favorite things about this job is getting creative. I love finding new places to shoot, fun outfits, and creating content different from everyone/everything else! I have to admit, living in a small town, it’s sometimes really hard to go someplace new every time I want to shoot a post. Just ask Tabitha (my photographer)… we go through phases where we get in blogging/photography ruts. It’s like, “been there, done that”.. but on days like this one, ^, when Peter (the owner of Confluer) offers to let us use his rooftop, it reminds me of why I love job!

Seeing my hometown from this rooftop and watching the sun go down had me in awe of God’s beauty! When you stop and really take in moments like these, you truly realize the world outside is at your fingertips!!

**Huge thank you to Peter & Confluer for hosting us and letting us try out the champagne & gin n’ tonic!! We love you! Paducah loves you!!!!

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  1. Annaliese

    May 8, 2019 at 11:03 am

    Such a beautiful spot for photos!! It is a lot of fun to get creative with locations!

    xoxo A

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