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The Importance of (prenatal) Massages

As I’m sitting down to write this post I’m wishing I was laying on the massage table taking 60 minutes to myself. I’m sure you’re feeling the same way! By the end of this post I’ll probably have you ready to schedule a prenatal, deep tissue, or sports massage!

It’s true that there’s nothing like a soothing massage to help with your aches, pains, and cramps! This is especially true when you’re pregnant! It’s the answer to all your discomforts (swelling too). When I went in for my first massage, at Medical Spa 7, they told me you should get a massage as often as you see your OBGYN. So in the beginning of pregnancy it’s about once a month. Then when you hit 32 weeks you should go every/every other week. I’ve been sticking to that guideline and it makes a world of difference!

At MedSpa7 the massage therapist (Amanda) takes extra care of me to make sure I’m comfortable. Pillows and cushions are used to support my stomach, between my legs, and neck. The massage is done while laying on your side so it takes any unnecessary strain off your back and abdominal. It’s a full 60 minutes of relaxation that leaves me feeling rejuvenated!

Prenatal massages & massages in general can help with your everyday symptoms. It releases muscle tension (created by carrying the extra weight of a baby), provides oxygen and increased flow of your blood, helps with stress relief, reduces the chance of headaches/ migraines, and it releases serotonin (the happy chemical). I’ve also noticed I sleep much better the week following my massage. Massages always diminish my anxiety, discomforts, and leaves my muscles feeling fresh! Every since I got pregnant I’ve appreciated my monthly appointments more than ever! Didn’t realize what a difference it can make with my body and state of mind. To all my pregnant mamas out there I highly suggest getting a prenatal massage! Maybe trade in a pedicure/manicure, or a new sweater for 60 minutes of relaxation! It’s totally worth it and so good for you and baby!

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