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Kitchen Appliance Gift Guide

We’re making our lists and we’re checking it twice!
Gonna find out.. that these kitchen appliances would make for the perfect gifts for all my cooking, kitchen lovers!
Over the past few years I’ve accumulated lots of toys in the kitchen! Today, I’m sharing my all time favorite ones (most of which I got for Christmas’s in the past, birthdays, or wedding gifts!) Keep scrolling to check them out!

Breville One Touch Tea Maker & Citrus Press

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
I had to start off with my tea maker because it’s my most used item out of all of these! I splurged on this about 2 years ago and have gotten my use out of it! I’m a big tea drinker so I use it wayyy more than my coffee maker. I did my research on tea kettles and this one seemed to be the best, in my opinion. It has different programed settings for the kinds of tea and you can also manually put in the temperature and time. If you want to make hot water for a tea bag this will heat up your water so quick! Also, the 2 best features are the basket (which you can move up and down to shake up your tea leaves making it more flavorful) and the keep warm feature. If you brew your tea you can opt to have it stay warm on the kettle for up to an hour. Highly, highly recommend this product!

Breville Citrus Press
Love this citrus maker! I remember squeezing fresh orange juice when I was a kid and last year I started craving it again. Registered for this citrus press on our wedding registry and so glad I did! It’s a fun way to make fresh juices in the morning.

Nuwave Air Fryer & Gourmia Dehydrator

Nuwave Digital 6 qt. Air Fryer
This little guy is the perfect way to cook up your frozen foods and much more! We like to throw in french fries, chicken fingers, and fish into it and let it cook the healthy way. It heats up from 100-400 degrees F and uses a special heated/air-flowing design to cook your food. It’s a much healthier option than deep frying and saves you the mess from all the cooking oil and grease.

Gourmia Dehydrator
I purchased my dehydrator a little over two years ago and since then they’ve come out with a new version (which I linked). I mostly use this appliance for drying out my fruit or making granola bars! However, if you like jerky and meats, you would love this! (this is an old post showing you all some granola bars I made!)

Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

Pizza Maker
Our Valentine’s Day tradition has always been to make your own pizzas, along with potato soup! So I got this with that in mind, but we’ve ended up using it wayyy more!!! We like to make our own dough, then add toppings! If you like personal pan pizza’s, go ahead and snag this!

Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popper

Whirley-Pop Popcorn Maker
I’m that girl that likes to go to the movies just to get the popcorn! Who is with me!? Haha
So when I discovered this I was obsessed! We were making popcorn like 5 times a week on the stovetop and enjoying every single bite! All you do is throw in your kernels and oil, then turn the wooden handle! In about 5 minutes you have fresh popcorn!

Kitchen Aid Mixer

This is probably one of my top 3 kitchen appliances. It’s definitely something we could all use in the kitchen weekly. From beating eggs, to mixing cake ingredients, or whipping up dips, this appliance is so handy!


Ninja Blender
Mine is an older version but it still does the job so I haven’t upgraded yet.
And let me just say, I use this all the time!!!!! Mainly for making smoothies or beating up oreos (for oreo balls) but you can definitely put it to good use. If you’ve never splurged on a blender definitely recommend this brand!

Two other products that I absolutely love are my Yogurt Maker & Pasta Maker!! Forgot to include them in todays post but definitely recommend them as well!

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