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Christmas Reading List

During our Canada trip Clint and I stopped by a bookstore and I got caught up at the ‘holiday table’. At the time I was reading the After series but I knew I was going to finish them quick and wanted a few back up books to read. So I started browsing all the Christmas covers, reading the synopsis, and I ended up with these 3! If you’re looking for some winter reads to cozy up with, definitely give these a try!

Christmas at Frozen Falls– This is book is a fun, romance novel! The main character, Sylvie, is about to be spending Christmas alone after her fiancé leaves her (a week before the wedding). So her best friend plans a trip to cheer up. They end up in the same town as one of her ex-boyfriends (aka- the one that got away). The novel centers around Sylvie, her best friend, Christmas at frozen falls, and their love stories!
Snow Angel Cove– All Eliza wants for Christmas is a fresh start. She heads to an unfamiliar town, to take a new job, as a manager of a small resort hotel. To her surprise the hotel is burning down when she arrives and she ends up stuck with no money, no job, and no place to live. Then she meets Aidan. He helps her find the perfect Christmas project- renovating his lake guest house, for his family that is due to arrive soon… From there a heartwarming romance is started. Will they overcome their obstacles? Will they fall in love? Just keep reading page by page to find out!
Christmas With You– Sugar Loaf Lodge, is opening it’s door for the festive season, out in the Irish countryside. Snow is falling, the fire is warm, and the guests begin arriving. Each chapter of this book is told from the perspective of guests staying in each room. All of them have their own unique story as to why they ended up at Sugar Loaf Lodge, but they all end up entwined, reminding us of the magical spirit of Christmas. This short story collection is all about love, family, and romance!

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