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Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?

Maternity Top (this is a great basic tee to have for layering and the spring!)

Clint came home a second ago and said, “I can’t believe she’s going to be here in like a month!” Yeah babe.. me either!!
I remember talking about this moment when we first got pregnant and now we are in our final stretch! Almost seems surreal! Wherever I go people ask me how much longer I have and I normally just quote the days. Their response, “you aren’t counting down or anything.” Lol if they only knew! Baby Stuen Lee is the topic of my entire life right now! From car chats, crazy dreams, gym talk, friend texts.. people are always asking for updates! Pretty soon I’ll be sharing that she’s made her arrival! So, so ready!!!

I started getting some stuff ready for the hospital today, filling out her paperwork for our cord blood/tissue storage, making our nurses gifts, and unloading the car seat accessories (so C can install them this weekend). I feel like once I hit 37 weeks/February I’m going to be on the edge of my seat! Wish me/us luck!!

p.s.- I just love these pics <3 and had to share!

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