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Diaper Bag Review

I feel like these next couple of years I’m going to be trading in my purses and luggage for diapers and caddies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! When it comes to traveling, on-the-go, and running around, I like to have options on what to carry and what’s convenient for the occasion. I registered for a few of these diaper bags, splurged on one of them, and got the others as gifts! I’m sharing each of them, and highlighting what I love about them, in today’s post! Fair warning, they are all so different!!! From their shapes, sizes, structure, and prices there’s so many options to choose from!

Gucci Diaper Bag

Gucci Diaper Bag

This bag was definitely a splurge for me! I went back & forth on it for months trying to decide if I wanted to get it or wait. Finally, I had another mama convince me it was the perfect bag for the 1st year because it comes with the changing pad, has compartments on the inside (for bottles, wipes, etc.), can buckle on the stroller, can be worn as a crossbody, and is easy to flip open when you’re juggling a baby/carseat/bottle. This is probably the largest diaper bag I own, so when it comes to traveling I’ll definitely be using it! I have a feeling it’s going to be great to hold all her diaper essentials in and a change of clothes (not to mention some extra toys and books). – also, the fabric on this bag is a coated canvas which makes it very easy to clean! and the inside is a nylon material that’s great to just wipe down.

Freshly Picked Mini Backpack

Freshly Picked Convertible Mini Classic Diaper Bag, Changing Pad, & Diaper Wipe Holder

Since I purchased the other big crossbody diaper bag, I decided I wanted to try out a backpack for the days we are in a hurry and running out the door. I was looking for something that’s a little smaller, easier to throw on, and just holds the essentials I need for a day out. That’s why I opted for the mini version of the FP backpack (it does come in a bigger size and other colors). At first I thought it was going to be too small but the more I picked it up and walked by it, the more I fell in love with it (thinking maybe Stuen Lee can even use it as a little bag one day). It’s a great alternative to have instead of lugging around a big diaper bag all the time.

And since I’m OCD and like to keep all my stuff together I purchased a small changing pad and wipe holder to keep in this bag. It will be easier to grab and go if I already have the stuff packed away in there! Plus, both the changing pad & wipe holder are under $10.

Diaper Caddy

Parker Baby Diaper Caddy

I registered for this diaper caddy thinking I was going to keep it in my car for storage of extra supplies. Now, I’m thinking it’s going to be our home caddy! Since I’m upstairs in her nursery and my office a lot, our bedroom is on the main level, and Clint likes to hang out in the basement, we bounce around all the floors. I think we will end up just toting this around the house and changing her diaper wherever we are! Also, if my parents come to watch her or take her for a sleepover, this a great option to send them with!

The greatest thing about this caddy is that it’s under $20! Seriously so worth the price! It’s also light weight, soft, has plenty of compartments, and you can change the inside (velcro attachments to take in and out). Highly recommend this for all your mamas!

Itzy Ritzy Crossbody Diaper Bag

Itzy Ritzy Crossbody Diaper Bag

Tabitha got me this adorable crossbody and gave it to me at one of my showers! All the mamas were sooo excited about it, including me! Have y’all ever seen a diaper bag that looks like a legit crossbody!? Not I, so I was shocked when I opened it up and saw all the compartments and changing pad! How perfect is this for a night out or just running some errands!? It has the stylish appeal on the outside and fits babies needs on the inside! I know when I’m juggling her car seat and stroller by myself, this will be great to throw on my body and go! One side can hold her bottle/paci, the other side can hold a diaper, or 2, and some wipes!

Keyper Clear Pouches

Keyper 4-Piece Set

These pouches are great for organization and to switch out throughout bags! I’ve got a couple of them and use them for all kinds of things- toiletries, accessories, and now Stuen Lee’s pacifiers, teeth riggings, bows, wipes, and etc.! You can clip them all onto a key/arm ring and just take them with you or attach them to another bag!
(They come in sets or you can purchase each separately)

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack & Portable Changing Pad

KiddyCare Diaper Backpack & Portable Changing Pad

This backpack is under $30 and the changing pad is only $20! For great prices and perfect quality, this might be a duo you want to consider getting! Both of these products were definitely made with mamas in mind! The backpack is an easy material to clean, the top/zipper is very structured so it stays open when you’re digging in it, and the front pouch can hold 3 bottles! The changing pad is easy to carry on its own, has a built in head pad, and zipper pouches to store wipes or something in. For an all around diaper bag this is one you can’t go wrong with!

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