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Rendleman Orchards

A few weeks back Tabitha and I headed north, to Rendleman Orchards, to check out their amenities and shoot some fall looks for you all! They had their pick your own pumpkin patch open and their gift store was in full swing! If you’re a local follower, Kentucky native, or southern Illinois gal, make to sure check them out! It’s totally worth the drive if you’re looking for a fun, fall afternoon!

Apparel & Gift Boxes

They have some cute tees for sale! ‘Farmers are my kinda people’ is one of their bestsellers!

If you’re looking for a fall gift to send someone- maybe a housewarming present or just a little something to show you are thinking of them, check out their gift boxes! I got this one and it was so great! Loved the apples and crisp mix!

Seasonal Fruit & Speciality Items

Fruits: Peaches, Nectarines, Apples, Cantaloupe, & Watermelon
Vegetables: Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Squash, & Sweet Potatoes
Fall Items: Pumpkins (pick your own patch available), mums, cider, cider donuts, & fall decor
Speciality Items: Jams & jellies, Baking Mixes, Dip Mixes, Nuts, Salsa, Sauces, Pickled Items, Salad Dressings, Candies, Peach Smoothies, Cider Slushies, Candles, & Linens

Here’s some fun facts about the orchard that Michelle shared with us! I found so many of them fascinating I asked her to write them down for me so I could share them with you all too!

  • Rendleman Orchards has been open since 1873. They are 5 generations strong, with the 6th generation on the horizon.
  • The orchard is nestled in the hills of Southern Illinois’ Shawnee Nation Forest.
  • They are growers and shippers of high quality fruit.
  • Right now they are in apple season and are harvesting approximately 13 different kinds of apples. They also raise peaches and nectarines.
  • 75% of their products go to wholesale throughout the midwest. The other 25% is available through retail, in their farm market (open 7 days a week June through October 31st)
  • Rendleman Orchards is globally food safety certified making them just 1 of 2 apple growers in the state of Illinois certified to sell to food distributions, Grover stores, and big box chain stores.

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