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3 Ways to Style a Satin Skirt

Satin Skirt. Purple Blouse. (Skirt & Blouse come in multiple colors) C’est La Vie Tee. Black Tee. Stud Heel Sandals. Chloe Sandals. Black Vans.

Looking for a casual style, night out on the town, or Sunday best!? Here are 3 ways to style a skirt and switch up those looks!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I figured this was too good not to share! Often we get in a rut with our clothing and think, “well I already wore that” (or at least I do). So I wanted to switch it up on here and show you guys some different inspiration (which also equals more bang for your buck $$). If you can see yourself wearing a staple piece over and over, then you’re more likely to splurge on it.

This skirt comes in multiple colors. I actually wore it on Easter Sunday in a hot pink color (size XS). First I ordered the lavender for spring, then I loved it so much I went back and got the pink. If you aren’t feeling this color just know there are other options. When creating these outfits I tried to channel a dressy one (something that I would wear to church or to a shower), a causal outfit that I could wear out with friends, and a super casual/chic style with sneakers. Which one is your favorite!? Mine changes depending on what day you ask me 😉

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