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‘The Hero’ Stroller

’The Hero’ Stroller

When you sign up for emails & the Kickstarter launch campaign, the cost is below $600

Quite often I get asked about all the baby products I use with Stuen Lee and my top recommendations. Normally my first response is “you have to have a good stroller!” It’s something you will use all the time. Whether you’re traveling, going for a walk, out shopping, or strolling somewhere you want a sturdy, durable, dependable stroller that is functional and most of all, USER FRIENDLY!

Last week I had the pleasure of trying out a new stroller that just hit the market! It’s the ‘Products 4 Humanity Hero Stroller’. The CEO and founder, David Williams, came to visit in me in Paducah! He brought along the stroller and let me and Stuen Lee play around with it. I got to try out the different attachments, practice converting it, test it, and get a feel for how it strolled/how light it is. Most of y’all I know I have the Thule jogging stroller, the Uppababy minu, and the Uppababy vista. I use my strollers so much and I’ve tried many out. I shopped around before registering for those three because I wanted to make sure I was getting the best fit for me. However, now that I’ve gotten to use ‘The Hero’ I can confidently say this is a stroller you want!!! Whether you have one child or two, you can accommodate it for whatever your need is. Baby and bassinet, two toddlers, or an older child who wants to ride on the back (with the standing skateboard accessory) you pick your attachments! There are no adapters needed to convert it from a single to a double-seated stroller, & there are no adapters needed for Maxi Cosi, Nuna, & Cybex infant seats (most every other stroller requires some type of adapter). That alone is a feature that makes it worth it! Like I mentioned earlier, this stroller is lighter than my Uppababy vista (by 4 lbs) and much lighter than my jogging stroller. It can be a struggle to load up my strollers by myself, so the less weight, the easier it is for all us mamas!

Aside from the great stroller, another wonderful thing about this company is that they donate 10% of all net sales to charities supporting victims of human trafficking. When purchasing a stroller you are immediately helping make a difference. I’m that person that always rounds up my change to the nearest dollar in the drive thru line to help with students college funds or cancer research. I believe that sometimes the smallest acts can add up to big things. So why not give back while purchasing something you will need? It’s truly a win, win!

If you have any questions about this stroller don’t hesitate to send me an email or DM me on Instagram! I’m here to help in any way I can. Also, if you’re browsing the Products 4 Humanity website, check out their other stroller too!

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