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Our Family Is Growing

It’s hard to believe I’m typing this post! Over two years ago I sat down to share the news of Stuen Lee on here and now it’s time to share BABY #2!!! Now more than ever I’m in awe of God’s plan for us. The timing of this baby could not have been more perfect for our family. After the hardest year of our lives losing Ford, God has shown us the gift of life. I’m due just a few days after Ford’s 1 year anniversary and looking back now I‘m so glad I gave this over to him. After Stuen Lee turned one we started talking about growing our family. Then this past spring and summer we were fighting for Ford and mourning him. The timing wasn’t right to try to grow our family but day after day I wrote in my prayer journal about us getting pregnant again and the joy it could bring to all of us. With Stuen Lee I wanted it to happen immediately. With this baby I completely gave it over to God and just kept praying for me to trust his will. And WOW! what grace, love, and joy he has shown our family by giving us this baby and most of all due in May. Next year when we are remembering death, we are also going to be looking forward to life. Dexter (my father-in-law) helped pick out Stuen Lee. Ford has helped pick out this baby and I know they are smiling in heaven. God has been fighting my battles, arranging things in my favor, and making a way that I didn’t even see possible. There were times of serious doubt about us getting pregnant again. I remember sharing some thoughts with my bible study about motherhood and “am I doing a good enough job to be deserving of another child?” Now, I‘m beating myself up over those thoughts from Satan when all along I knew I was trusting in God. Isaiah 60:22 says, “when the time is right, I , the Lord, will make it happen.” Thank you God for making this happen and your impeccable timing.

The month before I got pregnant Clint and I were driving in the car and he told me about a dream he had where I was pregnant. That’s when I really started praying about adding another baby to the Johnson family. I started to feel like I was in a good spot emotionally and Stuen Lee was past the baby phase. Yes, the grief over Ford was still (and still is) at the forefront of our minds so it was kind of hard to even think about a baby. But then in the same breathe I also thought, “maybe we are ready and this is what we need.” Come August, the one month we didn’t think it was going to happen was when it did. I kept telling Clint, “ok if we are going to start trying there’s one thing I have to do first. God isn’t going to bless us with a baby until I complete this triathlon. It was my one goal this year and I feel like I need to remain true to it.” So I signed up for it thinking it would be my last big event before we really started trying for baby #2. The same week that I participated in my triathlon I got my 2nd COVID shot (3 days before actually.. whew that was rough). Anyone who is close to me knows I struggled with this decision for forever. I kept going back and forth on whether or not to get it. I was worried it would effect my fertility and I had some other health concerns with it. Ultimately I decided in order to keep my family, loved ones, friends, and community safe I needed to get it. Courtney even had a dream with Ford in it and he was worried about COVID effecting his family. I think that right there was my sign to go get it. So when I finally decided to do it I wanted it done right then so it wouldn’t effect us when we really started trying. To top it all off Clint had been working out of town for 4 weeks and we were only together one weekend. When I say this was truly Gods timing.. It was truly Gods timing. I’ve never been so sure of his presence in my life. If there was ever a week this probably shouldn’t have happened in our minds, it was this week. Yet this week was all apart of God’s plan from the beginning. Completed my triathlon, got my 2nd COVID vaccine, and I was pregnant!!! Just didn’t know it yet!

We have a lot of blessings to look forward to in 2022! Right after the baby is born we are going to be moving!! It may be crazy at times but I know this was all apart of God’s plan! I’m looking forward to a fresh start with this precious baby girl! Can’t wait to share this journey with you all! As always, thank you for the love and support!!
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