Daisy Headdress

Daisy Headdress  |  Mirrored Iridescent Aviator Sunglasses

my shirt is an old tank.. but here is an adorable Ruffle Hem, Strappy Back Daisy Shirt  \\  another Daisy Tee \\  a Kate Spade Daisy Bow Peplum Top \\  Daisy Off-The-Shoulder Top

I picked all of you guys a bouquet of shirt & accesory daisies, with a side of sunflowers!! I’ve linked a couple of tops, similar to this theme, and great for summer!! they are all so cute!! I love wearing graphic tees or patterned tops because they just kinda speak for themselves… and lbh, they make me happy!!  how could all these flowers & so much yellow not though??

& this headdress… I have never worn one before, but Headbands of Hope shipped me this one & I am very glad they did!  It’s a little different from my usual looks, but styling a head accessory was fun & different!! It has that boho, girly, cutesty vibe, ya feel me!?

Wishing y’all happiness & warm thoughts today!!! with lots of daisy love!! xoxoxo, T


Headbands of Hope

Pink Flower Crown

Have you ever heard of Headbands of Hope? If not, #1 you have to go check out their site, #2 read their “about” section, #3 shop the cutest headbands, crowns, headdresses, clips, and hair accessories, & #4 help give a child with cancer a reason to smile!  for every headband sold, they donate one to a kid with cancer.. how special, right!? not only are you shopping for yourself, but in a way you are shopping for someone else too! I just love, love, love organizations & programs that give back.. & this one is just so perfect!  I really like the concept they’ve adapted of, “spreading hope one child at a time.”  It makes buying a product a little more fun 🙂  get in style & shop their entire collection!! they have so many adorable things for sale!

p.s.- I felt like the real life snapchat flower crown filter.. funny.. haha


Woven Pear Socks

Shop Woven Pear Socks \\ Ride Along Socks

On My List:  Pineapple Whip Socks, Blooms Socks, & Wild Thing Socks

cutest socks ever.. and I have a serious thing for cute socks!! somehow and someway I manage to keep overfilling my sock drawer.. so much that I have to do like a weekly clean out of ones I don’t ever wear. maybe it’s a sign I need to stop buying them or maybe it’s a sign I need to come buying them? what do you think?

for all you gals out there that like to lounge around the house or in bed, I am recommending these socks to hang with you! Woven Pear has the most darling designs, they are very comfortable, and the phrases on the bottom are too adorable for words! Which ones will you be snagging!?