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Office Products

Desk (Mine is from Target (Sugar Paper company). Every time it’s restocked it sells out within minutes, so I am linking the exact one but different site)



Lamp Shades (Mine are from AT HOME, but linking almost identical ones!)

Fur Rug

Shelves & Hanging Rack (then sprayed them gold)

Pink Chairs

Side Table (similar one)

Designer Pillows

Hermes Tray (custom ordered this one)

Designer Candles

LV Mousepad

Audrey Hepburn Wood Canvas

Vogue Magazine Holder

Gold Balloon Dog

Other Details

Fur Slippers // Pink Hunter Rain Boots // Louis Vuitton Book // Kate Spade ‘Young Lady of Fashion’ Planner  // Black Romper (similar one)

I have been dying to share my new office space with you all!!! And when I say dying, literally dying! Life has been so crazy with work, shoots, and traveling that it’s been almost impossible to find a time to get some pics. I told myself this was the week though!! and here it is! I apologize in advance for the overload on pictures. There were so many I just wanted to share them all! & over time I am sure they will be all over my social media!

For starters, I have put so much effort in designing and decorating this little space of mine. (Not to mention assembling furniture — I put the entire desk & shelves together without any help– can ya tell I am proud!?) I am so beyond pleased with how it turned out! For about a week straight I went to every home store, came home with at least two bags, then returned whatever didn’t work. I can’t tell you how many times C asked, “are you going to return something again?” Eventually I just stopped answering and laughed!! He knew I was on a mission! and mission complete it is!

For this room I was inspired by a clean theme. I wanted to be able to walk in the room, sit down, and work without too many distractions! A space that I could be efficient in, but also have a super fun style! I kept my colors to white, golds, and pinks. All my accessories are little accents of designers I love! Those are the pieces that tied in the whole room and made all my blogger dreams come true!

In my cloffice (closet/office) I style, create, and blog. It’s the true behind the scenes of all my work. At that chair I write to y’all, at the gold clothing rack I pick out the weeks looks, at the shelves I style accessories, and on the rug Oslo is always my (sleeping) assistant. I think the white fur rug is his favorite!  He just curls right up on it and makes himself right at home.

This one little room has taught me to design the exact way you want, never settle (because in the end you won’t be happy), have a space that makes you feel right at home, express your creativity, and most of all enjoy the fun in decor! Styling a room allows you to unleash your ideas and create a place to your design standards!

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have sharing it! Now you can each feel like you are in my office with me, on this beYOUtiful blog journey!

xoxo, T <3


beYOUtiful tee

I shared this look a couple weeks ago on my instagram account but I’m just now getting around to featuring it on the blog! thnx for being patient 😉 😉

I teamed up with WildBlue Denim to bring y’all this look (& Oslo too)!!  I told my followers that I feel like this tee was made just for me! Ever since I started my blog I’ve tried to keep my theme in mind… “beYOUtiful” I feel like so often we get caught up in the world around us that we forget what it’s like to truly love ourselves. Even I am guilty of it… tbh, the start of 2017 wasn’t all that I had imagined.. I’ve had some ups & downs already.. ones that have tested me, questioned my faith, uncontrolablly doubt myself, and taught me how to cope with judgement & criticism. What I’ve really learned is that no matter what people think of you or how you are perceived on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Taylor Swift once said, “people throw rocks at things that shine.” y’all… let them throw rocks!!!!! you just stay true to yourself, your values, your hopes, your dreams, and just beYOUtiful. be YOU!!!!!! ok.. I am going to say it again… seriously, be you, be you, be you… God created us with unique characteristics.. we’re not all suppose to be alike or enjoy the same things.. how boring would it be if we were all just beautiful? so I prefer being beYOUtiful <3

Oslo & I love you guys!!! xoxoxo, T


you can call me T (or Tor)

Hi friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself! It’s been a little over a year since I started my blog & since then I have gained so many new followers, friends, and fashion fanatics!! There’s so many things about me that y’all probably don’t know.. from my favorite color, to my favorite thing to wear, or my weird hobbies!!  It’s the little things that people don’t know that make us who we really are!! As you read this post, I encourage you to think about the things you enjoy, the people you love, your life goals.. maybe brain storm a bucket list or remind yourself of who you are, where you are going, and what makes you beYOUtiful!!!  I think being unique is what keeps this world going!!!  we’re all different but that’s what’s so great about it! with a little bit of soul searching and guidance from God I have been so lucky and thankful to be where I am today! &&& these are the things that make me, me!!

  • My favorite color changes everyday (kinda seems to go with my mood)
  • If I could go anywhere in the world right now it would be Greece
  • My pup, Oslo, is literally my whole world
  • Favorite bible verse: Isaiah 41:10
  • I collect smashed pennies from everywhere I have been
  • I have one sibling, an older brother, Ford.  He just moved to St. Louis & is about to start grad school
  • My dad is from Norway
  • My mom just retired from our school system (which I love– cause now she can visit me in ATL anytime she wants)
  • My grandparents are like my 2nd set of parents!! god bless their souls! love them to death!
  • My grandma makes the best lasagna.. It’s my all time favorite
  • I believe ice cream is the most important food group (cake batter from Kilwin’s is my favorite)
  • My favorite author is Karen Kingsbury (One Tuesday Morning is my favorite book by her)
  • The last thing I read was called “Catch Me” (I actually finished it yesterday.. sooo good & suspenseful!)
  • My friends would tell you that I say, “It is what it is” too much
  • All time favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz
  • I eat Jif Whips & a banana on a daily basis
  • One thing I can’t live without– my cell phone, pearl earrings, & my fitbit (ok.. that’s 3 things… but really.. these are always on me!!)
  • Diet Coke is one of my few addictions
  • OCD should be my last name.. I like everything super neat & in order — my closet is color coded!!! just ask my bf 😉
  • I knit… like scarves.. every year when winter comes around I bring out the needles
  • my ritual TV shows: Greys Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Quantico, The Blacklist, House of Cards, The Bachelor(ette), Secrets & Lies, &&& the next is to be determined (;
  • I love fish & aquariums.. ever since I was a kid I have had a fish tank! I think it’s calming
  • My favorite scent is Winter Candy Apple from Bath & Body Works
  • My one guilty obsession:  activewear.. I own too much of it
  • Favorite thing to wear… can you guess??  probably a romper
  • I prefer rainy days (they make for the best naps)
  • When I start a puzzle, I can’t step away.. I love doing them.. but they are my secret addiction
  • On plane rides I like to do Sudoku Puzzles (the more challenging the better)
  • I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering (but who really even knows what that is)
  • My favorite season is fall
  • My fridge is always stocked with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • My favorite workout machine is the Lat Pull Down 😉
  • I believe in Melatonin before bed (lets the mind rest)
  • Zaxbys is my favorite fast food chicken
  • I have a tattoo (got it with my bestie and roommate about a year ago, on a random Wednesday night– I passed out right after too… my adrenaline gets the best of me)
  • Red Lipstick is my favorite
  • If I could change anything about me it would be my patience
  • Favorite spot in ATL: Cafe Intermezzo
  • Ever since I was born my grandparents give me a Swarovski crystal piece for big occasions and holidays! It’s a tradition
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday
  • Statement Earrings are my favorite accessory
  • I prefer salsa verde over regular salsa
  • I believe in magic.. & fairytales
  • Always remember: Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be
  • True beauty really is being yourself (it’s what’s on the inside.. not the out)

& If I can leave you with anything, it would be… “Always be your own kind of beYOUtiful” — whether its fashion, what you wear, your job, your hobbies.. just keep being you!!! follow your heart, chase your dreams, & love yourself dearly!!

thank you to all my followers out there & for being apart of my blog’s journey!

xoxoxo, T


have a Merry, beYOUtiful Christmas!


Santa came here & we have some HAPPY HAPPY kiddos!!!!
I type this we have kids riding bikes, dogs playing tug-o-war, our traditional breakfast cooking, and a home filled with lots of fun!
Christmas is my favorite!!
Oslo & I are wishing everyone a Merry, Merry Day & a Blessed, Happy New Year!!!

&& Let’s not foget the reason for the season!
Here are some of my favorite bible verses for celebrating the Lord!
“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace good will to men.” Luke 2:14
“Every good & perfect gift is from above..” James 1:17
“A merry heart does good like medicine” Proverbs 17:22


Doc Martens, Camo, beYOUtiful

SHIRT Piko  |  PANT camo jeans  |  SHOES Dr. Marten’s

How was everyone’s weekend!?
oh my goodness mine was soooooo busy… from Friday on I feel like I never stopped (that’s why I am sharing these pics from a shoot last week)!
Friday & Saturday I went to Music Midtown, at Piedmont Park, and it was an absolute blast!
Friday night we saw Hozier, Elton John, & Drake.
Saturday we watched Hall & Oates, Run the Jewels, Icona Pop, & Sam Smith.. & I could go on & on about Sam Smith all day!! I literally fell in love! He was so wonderful live and if you ever have the opportunity to see him in concert you MUST!!! I think I am still in awe 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyways I am trying a new trend this fall.. which is camo pants, kinda crazy I know.. but I am totally digging the look!
I got these last year for Halloween and I have ended up getting more wear out of them than I would’ve ever thought!
The shirt is just a simple piko but such a staple piece.. I think we should all own one in a white so you can throw it on with anything.
& how about those boots?? girly, I know… but I love them!
pink is my fav and although they are combat boots, I can’t get enough of them.
I am going to wear them all winter!!! they also have some other cute designs and colored pair available. Maybe check em out 😉

my mom painted the adorable sign for me and I have it hanging in my room
Such a daily reminder to channel your inner beauty and always be yourself!

Happy Monday! Have a great day!


sparkle beYOUtiful fitted dress

I got this dress from Elite Screen Printing in Henderson, KY.
They don’t have a website, however you can follow them on Instagram, Twitter (
https://twitter.com/escreenprinting), & Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/elitescreen).Great for any custom order your little heart desires!!!
I wanted my logo on a shirt and all my dreams came true– I got it on a dress, with new colors :))
I am so obsessed!!! I also got some monogrammed toe decals from them I posted a couple weeks back)!
They are so adorablel!! Initials on my toes – think I am in heaven!

If you have any questions about this look please feel free to comment or email! I
will direct you who to contact if you are looking to order something as well!

Happy Friday!
Hope you all had a blessed week!


the cutest beYOUtiful Tee

get this t-shirt HERE
When I saw this tee I didn’t even think twice about getting it. I think it was added to my cart in about .358302  seconds.  Love this material and of course the saying!!!  I remember when I was trying to think of names/logos when starting my blog. beYOUtiful was one of my first choices and it has stuck ever since!! I want to remind girls and women that each of us are beYOUtiful in our ways! It’s okay to be different.. It’s okay to stand out.. I personally use my fashion & style to help display who I am.. I feel like I am a bright person, so I love wearing bright things! & I always tell my bf that my favorite color changes everyday… & that’s because it does! my mood, my feelings, my emotions.. they change, my favorite colors change.. and my fashion changes!! it’s a way for us to feel comfortable with who we are and say what we feel!!  this tee does exactly that for me!!
always remember beYOUtiful — YOU YOU YOU — be true to yourself and believe in yourself! nothing else really matters!

Red, White & beYOUtiful

— just BEYOUtiful —
In whatever you wear, in whatever you do– just be YOU! Always!!!
Two weeks ago I had already started planning my July 4th outfit… cause that’s just how I am.. & as I stood in my closet, looked at my red section, searched my navy section, and evaluated my shoes, I thought… wait, Why not make a shirt?  I immediately went to my computer, visited Custom Ink, and had my shirt expedited to me– Just in time for the holiday!!!  I’m so happy with how it turned out and the material of the baseball tee is great!! Now I have an American shirt for all year round, with my favorite saying!
How was everyone’s weekend?
Mine was wonderful!
I visited KY Lake, hung out with my family, and ate at the famous Mr. Bills Restaurant (Patti’s Settlement). Although the weather wasn’t the greatest we just enjoyed one another’s company and started planning for next year!!
I told my parents that I feel like when the 4th ends, summer is over. It has already gone by so quick and I don’t think it’s going to slow down!
Anyways I hope everyone’s July 4th was fun filled with fireworks, cookouts, and sun!!! and lot’s of red, white, and blue!!!
the more patriotism, the better :))
I think this is such a fun holiday because it’s the one chance we get to really honor those who have served and continue to serve, so that our Freedom is always protected!! God Bless America!! and the brave souls!!

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday & Safe Travels for those heading home!!