Daily Devotion Reads

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Life’s Little Instruction Book 
I got this little guy right before I came to college! Great gift, Great Guide to Happiness & Fulfillment
Where to Find it in the Bible A to Z 
Have you ever had one of those days where it’s a constant struggle, you know you need God, yet you are lost on how to deal with your issues? This book is absolutely amazing for “those days” or any other days for that matter. If you are happy, sad, feeling fashionable, unsure about controversial issues (faith, sex, drugs, alcohol), dealing with death, job situations.. whatever it may be, just look up the word and it will give you direct scripture to reference. I find that this book has helped me learn more about not only the bible, but myself as well. It’s the ultimate resource and I encourage everyone to go claim a copy!
One Minute Devotions for Girls 
I am so busy.. all the time.. so I am guilty of not carving out time in my day for just Jesus & I. But during the school year, when I am on a regular schedule, I will leave this book on my bedside table. Each morning when I wake up, I turn and read the lesson for the day (the key is to do it before you look at your phone ;)). It’s the perfect quiet time and gets you prepped for a blessed day!
Prayer Box
It’s so fun to write prayers and look back on them in the future. Great to see the way God works in our lives!


Books & Sudoku, I love you BERRY much!



My favorite electronic is my Nook (well besides my phone haha)
If you have ever thought about investing in a tablet or e-reader, I encourage you to do it!! It makes reading fun & easy, plus it is so easy to travel with!
At times I miss having a book in my hand and the smell of the pages so I occasionally find myself at our campus Barnes & Noble hoarding the Karen Kingsbury books! Its nice to give my eyes a change of scenery too!
My favorite author of all time is Karen Kingsbury. When I was writing this blog I got to thinking– How many books have I actually read by her??  Well I counted.. and I have read almost every single one of them!! little addicted?? I would say so!
Karen Kingsbury is a New York Times #1 Bestselling Author & now I know why! She is an American Christian Novelist who has  25 million books in print. If I had to pick one book for you to read (or maybe two books) I would tell you to try One Tuesday Morning & Beyond Tuesday Morning.  I remember reading it a couple years ago and I found myself laughing at the pages, crying at the end, and spiritually connected to Christ. It tells a story of two families- one from the east coast & one from the west coast- who are affected by the September 11th terrorists attacks.
Here is a quick synopsis “I’m a firefighter, God, so I know I’ve been in some tough places before. But this . . . this not knowing the people I love . . . this is the hardest thing I can imagine. The last thing Jake Bryan knew was the roar of the World Trade Center collapsing on top of him and his fellow firefighters. The man in the hospital bed remembers nothing. Not rushing with his teammates up the stairway of the south tower to help trapped victims. Not being blasted from the building. And not the woman sitting by his bedside who says she is his wife. Jamie Bryan will do anything to help her beloved husband regain his memory, and with it their storybook family life with their small daughter, Sierra. But that means helping Jake rediscover the one thing Jamie has never shared with him: his deep faith in God. Jake’s fondest prayer for his wife is about to have an impact beyond anything he could possibly have conceived. One Tuesday Morning is a love story like none you have ever read: tender, poignant, commemorating the tragedy and heroism of September 11 and portraying the far-reaching power of God’s faithfulness and a good man’s love.”
Fun Fact about myself:  I am actually addicted to Sudoku puzzles. Anytime I travel I take them with me. Solving Sudoku helps my brain and makes time past quickly!  Also, I love the challenge.. Who am I really fooling?
Samurai Sudoku Challenge Book
The books above are some of my favorite reads!

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