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I have very fine hair. I would say it’s pretty thin but every time I go to my hair dresser she always says, “no it’s not thin! you actually have a lot of hair. It’s just very fine.”  That just confirms that I take over my dads hair genes 😉 Since I’m not quite changing the texture of my hair anytime soon, I gotta work with what I have. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for new, good hair products. These two from the Paul Mitchell are at the top of my list!

Shine Spray

I like to think of this spray as an airy mist that keeps your hair glowing. It’s clean, light, and adds the perfect touch to protect your hair from heat styling. Love how weightless this product is, yet still gets the job done! I spray it on before I take a curling iron to my hair and then lightly mist it after too. This spray can work as a heat protector too.

Styling Treatment Oil

This product is made from natural oils and extracts. Since I do have fine hair I can’t put too many products in my locks because they will eventually start to look oily. With this treatment oil I put a dime size amount in my hand and just kind of apply it to the ends of my damp hair. I never put it directly on my scalp because that results in extra weight at your roots. After this product is applied you will notice a silky shine to your hair.

Some other common hair questions I’ve been getting:
  • Do you highlight your hair? Yes! I go about every two – three months. My hair is naturally a dirty blonde color so I prefer to keep it an icey blonde with highlights.
  • Is your hair naturally curly or straight?  My hair is pin straight! I don’t use a straightener that often, but when I do it’s only to straighten the pieces around my face.
  • How often do you wash your hair? About 5 times a week. Of those 5 times I only really style it about twice. The other times I let it air dry and try to stay away from heat damage. The less you wash your hair the better off it is. They say your hair has natural oils that help it grow and maintain it’s own shine.

If you have anymore questions just reach out to me from my contact page! I would be happy to help!

xoxo, T


Eva NYC Hair Prodcuts

Hair Therapy Mask & Curling Wand

Yesterday I mentioned to y’all that I am getting hair done this weekend so I decided to keep on talking ‘Hair’ with you all! To get us started I’m introducing you to two of my new favorite products, from Eva NYC!

Hair Therapy Mask

The therapy mask is a deep conditioning formula that helps repair and strengthen damaged hair. Back in April (this blog post) I confessed some hair issues I had been having. Over the past couple months I have noticed my hair is getting stronger and healthier. On top of that it’s growing quicker than I expected. Now I am back at a place where I feel comfortable with my hair. To keep it this way I use this hair therapy mask about twice a week. Since it’s a deep conditioner I suggest using it 2-3 times a week so it’s more effective!

Curling Wand

I go through curling irons like hotcakes! I have one at my house, the apartment, the beach, my family’s house.. everywhere! Since I have so many, I’ve tried so many. This one gets a 10 in my books! It provides just the right amount of heat. The barrel is a great shape and size. Most importantly, my curls hold! Some of the wands I’ve tried don’t even work. I can assure you this one does!

Next I want to try the Shampoo & Conditioner! I’ve read some great reviews on them! Oh and the dry shampoo!!! That stuff is my lifesaver!


BLNDN Hair Products


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Let’s talk about hair care.. & let me share a story with ya!

I started getting my hair highlighted when I was about 14 years old.. as I got older I stuck to the 3 month rule & got it touched up about 4 times a year.

Right before the Miss KY pageant I went to have my usual done, cut and highlight (except I ventured out to a new hair dresser). Somewhere during the entire process I ended up with purple hair, pink hair, & orange hair. That resulted in about 14 hours over the span of 2 days in the salon. Ever since this traumatic hair experience my locks just haven’t quite been then same. I think they suffered from the stress, coloring, and chemicals. I’ve really been self conscious about how thin my hair was becoming (just ask C). I got to the point where I didn’t know what to do.. I called my mom and said, “I’m so worried.. my hair is falling out, it’s terribly thin, & I just feel like my scalp goes from being dry to oily.”

Over the past month I’ve turned to my BLNDN products to get my roots & hair back to being healthy.  I’ve relied on these 3 products & the toning rinse weekly. I’m slowly starting to see results! My scalp is feeling normal, my ends aren’t as brittle, & my hair isn’t dry. If you are experiencing any of these I definitely suggest trying out some of the products I reviewed below!

Repair You (repairing mask)

This product was my go-to after my little disaster! My hair was brittle, thin, and damaged from all the chemicals and coloring. This mask helped repair, strengthen, and soften my hair. I used it twice in a week after shampooing. I recommend letting it sit in your hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing. Extra time will allow your hair to soak up all the repairing chemicals.

Brighten You (shampoo)

This purple shampoo helps to get rid of any brassy tones your hair may have. Personally, after one of my highlights I noticed an orange tone to my roots. After using this for about two weeks they faded over time.

Save You (balancing cream)

On the BLNDN website they say, “meet your hairs new best friend” with this product. They seriously weren’t lying. I have two bottles of this cream at all time because I’m so scared of it running out! This products keeps my hair shining at all times! I usually apply it when my hair is semi damp. I’ll stop blow drying half-way through my styling process, apply this cream, then finish drying. The more you use it, the healthier your hair will become. It helps protect your hair from heat styling, the sun, and any hair treatments you undergo. The best news is, it’s not just for blondes!!!! All my gals can use this and I highly recommend it!!


and to end this review I really wanted to share some of my favorite hair quotes!

  • Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!
  • Your hair is 90% of your selfie.
  • I got 99 bobby pins, but I can’t find one!
  • Your hair can be one of your best accessories.
  • Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be!


Hope all of you have a wonderful (hair) day!!!


Dry & Style with T3

 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer & SinglePass Luxe 1″ Straightening & Styling Iron by T3  \\ Camisole & Short PJ Set (similar one)

I have a confession.. lately my hair has been battling it’s own kind of mess! Back in January I had a traumatic coloring experience. I sat in the beauticians chair for almost 8 hours while my hair was pink, purple, orange, and yellow/gray platinum blonde.  Ever since then I’ve been paranoid that I am constantly losing hair. I had noticed it getting thinner and brittle. I tried various oils and hydrating products but they only made my hair really oily.

About the time all this was happening, I received the T3 Hair Tool Products. To bring y’all up to date the Dryer was awarded by Allure Magazine, twice, in their best of beauty category. The technology this dryer uses has been proven to be healthier for you hair than air drying! Say what!? yeah.. but really, it helps reduce frizz, increase body, shine, and retention. The T3 dryer offers 2 speeds and 3 heat settings that all deliver ion-enriched air to dry your hair fast and healthy. It also comes with the ceramic brush that is great for all hair types and styles.

After you’ve dried your hair and used the ceramic brush, tit’s time to style. That’s when the SinglePass Luxe is a must! It can be used to straighten, wave, or curl your hair. I really like to use it as a straightener and set the heat setting in the mid-range (has 5 adjustable heat settings). I feel like it leaves my hair with a silky finish and sleek style! After all, 97% of women agree their hair looked healthy and felt soft after using this iron.

These two hair tools may run a little high in price compared to your average styling tools. I promise they are totally worth the splurge! Not only are the designed with the best technology, but they will leave your hair feeling ten times better! I went from pink, brittle hair, to this ^ While I am still trying to regain strength in my hair, I know using these will only help! Shop the T3 products by clicking on the links above!


Bun Cuff Love

IMG_3140 IMG_3139 IMG_3141 IMG_3143 IMG_3138 IMG_3142

Bun Cuff Chloe + Isabella  \\ Ring & Bracelet David Yurman

It never fails.. I start the day with my hair down and styled, but eventually I end up pulling it back! so now, instead of resorting to my usual hair ties, I carry this bun cuff with me & use it to keep my hair off my neck and out of my way. It’s something a little different than your usual rubber band! You can style it like I did, in a low bun! or rock the topknot bun with this bun cuff (which is my favorite)!

and speaking of hair.. I really need to do some tutorials for y’all! I have received so many messages and comments about it.. I promise as soon as things slow down I will get to it 😉 I have so many to-do’s on my blog list!!


RAD Soap

Shop the RAD SOAPS Collection HERE

Rad Soaps is a small, family owned business run by two brothers & their mother, in upstate New York. All their products are crafted by hand, all-natural, non GMO, gluten free, vegan friendly, and made in the U.S.A.! When making their soaps the use a new process called, “The Rad Process”, which is a combination of a hot/cold process that allows them to create bars of soap within 24 hours!  They have recently partnered with Death Wish Coffee and currently hold the world’s most caffeinated body-care!! how cool, right!?  they also won the Intuit Quickbooks Super Bowl Ad beating out 15,000 small businesses!!

I have truly loved each of these products and highly suggest giving them a try!! They can also make for great gift boxes for any occasion!!

Emerald City Shuga-Bubs

This may now very well be my all time favorite scrub! For starters, the smell is so so fresh!! and the aroma fills my bathroom leaving a trace of cucumber- which I love 😉  The exfoliating beads in the soap are also great– love the moisturizing touch! also, did I mention it has Japanese matcha tea infused in it!!!  pour on those antioxidants and heel your skin!!

American Beauty Youth Preserving Cream

I received this RAD soap box last week & have used this youth cream twice! It’s going to be my goal to keep it in my weekly routine as a full moisturizer! it’s ingredients are all natural and the blend helps aid in promoting healthy skin!

Chaga Antioxidant Natural Body Bar

So I after I shot this blog post I left this bar of soap sitting on the counter.. no joke, when I got back home it had my bathroom smelling the best it’s ever smelt!  the citrus scent is addicting and you won’t be able to get enough of this bar!! It’s an all around great cleansing soap!


BLNDN Hair Products

BLNDN Products  |  Save You Balancing Cream  |  Tone You Toning Rinse

Save 20% on any BLNDN purchase with code: TORUNN20

BLNDN is a hair care line specializing in the repair of damaged, dull, dry, and lifeless lock. You may noticed them recently in Vogure or Allure as the growth of their company is spreading immensely. Why you may ask!? the line was created out of personal necessities, by gals like us, who have chemically lightened hair. Highlighting, bleaching, and coloring cause damage to our natural locks, so BLNDN has come up with some amazing products to help us out! Their products are derived from special ingredients and bring health back to our hair! Two of my favorite products are the Save You Balancing Cream & Tone You Rinse.

Save You helps with oxidation (the process of our hair bleaching itself inside-out as we age) by repairing brittle hair. For the best results I applied 4 pumps of the cream (to my damp hair) after I shampooed & conditioned.  When leaving it in for a while I noticed an immediate softness to my locks and a shine that glowed from my color.  I also tried applying it to my freshly blow-dried hair and it helped with hydration! I noticed a fuller texture & more volume!

ok.. so now let’s talk about Tone You.. crazy color, right!? when I opened the jar at first I was like no way this goes in my hair.. what, it’s purple!! but omg y’all, this product is so so good! After shampooing my hair I applied approximately 1 tablespoon of solution through my scalp, to the ends of my hair. I left it on there for about 5 minutes, rinsed it out, & then conditioned. When styling my hair after the shower I was amazed at how shiny & brassy my blonde appeared to be!! It added a little bit of “oomph” to locks and gave it a glow that I never want to lose! For all you blondes out there, I highly recommend it!

With so many hair care products on the market it’s hard to find ones you like and ones that give your hair the best results.. I always struggle finding shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair spray, ironing spray, treatments, & etc. because my hair, scalp, and texture is always changing (due to weather, styling, & products).  However, these 2 are ones I am keeping on my list!! they truly are great & noticeable results will keep you wanting more!

let me know if you have any questions!! Hope you all have a great “Hair Day”


Hair Products

** Links for all the following products can be found at the bottom of this post! Enjoy!

3559144_orig 3146496_orig
I have found my favorite straightener to be the CHI brand. Although my hair is super straight and I don’t need to straighten it, I like to run my CHI along my hair that I tuck behind my ear. This helps it from creasing and creating a wave.

My favorite curling wand is Hot Tools. If you are looking for super tight curls, that last all day, I would recommend this one!

I recently just bought the new Argan Hear Curling Iron. I heard it was good and the barrel is coated with Argan Oil. Once I give it a good run I will let you know what I think about it!

I use the Salon Care Clips immediately after I curl a piece of hair.
Instead of letting it fall right away I gather the curl and keep it clipped up until I am ready to leave! This allows my curl to cool and maintain its shape.

These are my 3 favorite brushes of all time (and my teasing brush which isn’t pictured).

The Tangle Teezer is great for anyone who tends to have tangles in their hair after it’s been washed.  I use this one right after I get out of the shower and it works wonders on my hair. Normal brushes pull and tug against my scalp, but this one runs right along thru my hair. The bristles are so small and thin they easily sweep their way through your hair! I would recommend this to anyone!

My monogrammed brush is just a normal brush.. Love it though because of the colors!

I recently just bought my ION Barrel Brush and I am already addicted.
I use it when I know I am going to curl or style my hair after I blow dry it.
To use this one you just have to wrap your hair around the barrel while blowing drying it. This technique helps add volume and depth to your mane!


I’ve had the worst experiences with bad shampoo….
I literally can never find a brand I like because they eventually all make my hair oily after using them day in and day out.
Since my hair is thin and fine my shampoo/conditioner needs to add some volume, help conserve my highlights, offer color care, and allow for styling all without making my hair appear oily/dirty.

I’ve been using this Redken that I purchased at Ulta & so far, so good.
However, I have a feeling that in a couple of weeks I will be changing again!


Herbal essences has good detangler spray! It’s my go to!
Matrix Vavoom is a finishing spritz spray that you apply when you are done styling.
REDKEN spray starch is what I use for my heat protect-ant. Make sure you always put something on before curling or straightening so your hair doesn’t get damaged.
Over the past couple of years I have gathered sooooo many hair accessories and bobby pins. I can’t stand it when my hair falls in my face, so I always try to keep it clipped back with something cute!
I love to work out.. It’s honestly become a new hobby.. So my mom bought me these super cute running headbands and I can’t get enough of them! They are great!