Merry Christmas!!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Typing this post right at 12 AM.. half Christmas Eve post / Christmas Day post!! We spent the night playing games, painting wood trees, munching on appetizers, and doing puzzles! Now it’s off to bed to wait for Santa’s arrival!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

From my family to yours, wishing you all warm wishes and treasured memories!! Happy Holidays & New Year <3 <3


Brother, Sister Pt. 2


Romper | Heels | Lipstick

What’s your favorite part of Christmas!?? Holiday traditions? Decorating the tree? Eating Gingerbread Cookies? Wrapping Presents?  Every time I think about December 25th, I have a couple things that couple to mind.. mostly all memories with my family and brother!

  • A Christmas Ever tradition is going to the Christmas Eve Church Service & worshipping Baby Jesus!
  • Each year I (with on & off help from select family members) complete a Christmas puzzle.
  • Ford’s favorite Christmas food is peanut butter balls!
  • Christmas Eve Night Kyleigh (my cousin) & I dress up in our matching PJ’s.
  • Christmas Morning we always have a huge breakfast!!!! breakfast, eggs, cinnamon rolls – the whole 9 yards!
  • Every year my grandmother gets all us grandkids a special gift!!  The girls get Swarovski Crystals and the boys get Pewters!! By now we each have our own collection and each one has a different meaning!
  • My grandparents give each family a Christopher Radko ornament. All our family trees are filled with these that have accumulated over the years!
  • When I was a kid my brother and I would curl up in my bed, with purple rope lights on, and try to stay awake to see if we could hear Santa!
  • My mom encourages us to create a Gingerbread House every year.
  • The past 24 year’s ‘The Stuen’s’ have sent Christmas cards.. this year we were a little (actually ordered them yesterday haha)
  • We play the Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Christmas Album from Thanksgiving on.. currently listening to it now 😉
  • My mom decorates the house to a T!!!! my dad gets so overwhelmed with the glitter he says it’s like Christmas through up lol
  • Bestemor, my grandmother from Norway, needlepointed a tapestry labeled with 25 days.. she use to attach a small gift to each day & my brother and I would look forward to opening one each day.
  • This year I asked for a new hair dryer, steamer, a watch, & some other small things..
  • Ford asked for new clothes and a camera 😉
  • The whole family asked for more quality time together and prayers season long!

Hope y’all are having a great Christmas week!!!! Sending warm wishes and thoughts to everyone! xoxo, T


Reindeer Sweater

Reindeer Sweater  \\ Black Jeans \\ Booties \\ Purse \\ Link Bracelet

Happy Hump Day!!!

I am in such a good mood today because I am officially done with all my finals!!! wohoooo!!!! I’ve had the clapping emoji on repeat lately 😉 & can ya blame me? Honestly, it seems kinda surreal.. like how is my college career already over with? time really does fly by!

and now.. onto Christmas & this adorable reindeer sweater!!! For those of you who have me on snapchat you may have noticed me wearing this 2 weekends ago.. It was funny because I walked out of my room with this top on & my mom had another reindeer shirt on! Obviously, I had to get a snap of us showing our Rudolph spirit!! I even had a couple people ask me where I got it from.. so here y’all go!

p.s.- my mom loves it too <3


Holiday Gift Wrapping

Tips & Tricks for Gift Wrapping

  • Stick to a Theme!!!!
  • Have a variety of gift wrapping (I suggest four different wrapping paper designs and all the ribbon your lil heart desires)
  • Box everything!! Makes for a clean look and easier wrapping!
  • Don’t be afraid to Mix & Match!! As long as you have a color scheme going be creative!!
  • Repeat after me: Prints & Patterns, Prints & Patterns… cut up strips of ribbon and tie them on top!! gives the wrapping a super festive look with lots of fun!!!!
  • Stay Organized! — every year when my mom & I start wrapping everything gets lost.. we have ribbon, gift tags, tissue paper, tape, and paper everywhere… so much chaos we lose track of the gifts.. my suggestion, keep it all together 😉

& for some more inspiration shop all the wrapping essentials below!



The Cutest, Christmas Plaid


Plaid Dress (& the long sleeve version HERE) |  Heels  |  Lipstick

I’ll tell anyone that’ll listen, “CHRISTMAS IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY”.

I love, love, love the true meaning of it!!!

& I love, love, love the family traditions it brings about (Christopher Radko ornaments, baking with my mom (Peanut Butter Balls are a must!), Special PJ’s, Christmas Morning Stockings, the Kenny & Dolly Christmas Soundtrack, Glitter everywhere, Completing our annual Christmas Puzzle, and so much more!) It’s the time of the year that I reflect on all that I’m thankful for and all that I have to look forward to!!

Something about this dress just kinda ties all those things ^ together for me! It’s a classic look and the colors are just the epitome of Christmas!! The bow belt also adds a nice little touch to the look and makes it southern, cute, & girly!

let me know if you have any questions! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Christmas PJ’s


Printed Ribbed Knit Sleep Set JCrew

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is picking out my “Christmas Eve” pajamas.. the ones I fall asleep in dreaming about Santa, the ones I wake up in, eat our family breakfast in, and unwrap presents in. So pretty much the ones I live In on December 24th & 25th!! Can you see why they’re a big deal!? lol — My cousin, Kyleigh, and I always like to get matching ones 🙂 I hope it’s something we keep doing forever!

My mom bought me this book, The Pajama Elves, the other day. She said it’s something C & I should start doing now or when we have kids. The book tells a story about the pajama elves who sew pajamas for good girls & boys. The Pj’s are stichted with magic to ensure they get the best sleep on Christmas Eve night, giving Santa an opportunity to come visit. Along with the book comes a sheet of paper that says “Urgent Delivery”. Each year pajamas are delivered to the kiddos and it soon becomes a tradition…. how cute, right!? I am so obsessed!!!!! <3

this year, I’ll be splurging on some of the PJ’s below! The Pajama Elves will have to add me to their list next year 😉


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine


His & Hers Christmas Goodies


HERS: Knit Beanie with Faux Fur Pompom BP. //  ‘Le Pilage’ Expendable Travel Bag Longchamp  //  Contrast Bow (Tech Friendly) Gloves Kate Spade New York // ‘Monterrey’ Leather Strap Watch Kate Spade New York // ‘Scuffette II’ Slipper UGG // Turtleneck Sweater BP. // ‘Alta’ Wireless Fitness Tracker Fitbit

HIS: Cashmere Beanie Nordstrom Men’s Shop //  Leather & Suede Duffel Bag Vince Camuto // ‘Denali E-Tip Gloves The North Face // Jorn Leather Strap Watch Skagen // ‘Cookie Slipper’ UGG // Jersey Crewneck Sweater Lacoste // ‘Blaze’ Smart Fitness Watch Fitbit

Every year I say I am going to start my Christmas shopping early.. but it never fails, I am always running around last minute gathering gifts. So I am attempting to start making my lists and getting some presents wrapped early!! Hopefully some of these items will make your shopping easier or spark some gift ideas!! tis the season!! 😉