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Kentucky Pillow

Now that I am back in Kentucky and settling down I figured it was time to start accenting some meaningful pieces into my home decor. And what better way to start than with a Kentucky pillow with all our states traditions? In that last picture you will notice I am pointing to my hometown, Henderson! Along with it and all the graphics, this truly describes home! I think these pillows would make for the perfect wedding gift or any gift in general! It’s a great piece to throw on your couch or bed and add a little warm touch.

 ‘Oh Snap’ Shirt

 I opened this shirt from the package and whispered to myself, “yep, it was made for me!” I always have a camera in hand and the amount of “Oh Snap” moments I have had in my blogging career are endless! Two things that go together like peas in a pod.. (Just like me and this shirt).  Seriously though, they have so many cute graphic tees available. From various sizes and baseball tee colors! These are the types of shirts that you just throw on and go but still look super cute as ever! Check out their entire collection HERE!

If you have any questions let me know! Hope you all have a great day!


bloom where you are planted!

Outfit Details: Tee // Shorts // Hunter Boots // Sunglasses

Balcony Details: Patio Furniture // Palm Print Pillows // Blue Ikat Round Outdoor Pouf // Brass Watering Can

Does anyone recognize that big leaf green plant from my Instagram story? The one that we like to call, “our love plant!” Well how could it be our love plant and me never share it on the blog? So, here it is!! Along with a full look at the balcony I transformed!

Over the past couple of years I have become an outdoor girl. I prefer to sit outside, work outside, walk to dinner, run to the gym.. pretty much everything. The more I’m outside, the better! After finishing up my office I knew this spot was going to be my next little project. For about two weeks I searched for patio furniture, pillows, and decor. Once I had all that ordered and I took C with me to get all my plants! Since I went with a leafy, tropical theme (hence the two pillows), I knew I needed my plants to coincide. I tried to pick out ones that reminded me of some place warm, the ocean, beach, and even Mexico! I had to have living plants too.. what’s the fun in buying in generic ones for an outdoor spot? All in all I probably spent a little too much $$ on my greens, but I love them! They make this little spot feel alive and colorful!

String lights and lanterns were part of my last minute touches. C hates bugs and bright lights so he said the less lighting the more likely he would join me out there to eat. (like a good finance I said, “your wish is my command haha). I purchased these Lanterns from At Home & Kirklands but I’ve noticed them at a ton of home stores. My string lights were from Amazon. I decided to go with the vintage bulbs and white and white string! At night we turn on these and it sets the mood! If you are re-doing any outdoor patio I say these two things are a must!

Let’s also not forget about Oslo Bleu on the Pouf! Originally, this was a foot rest for Clint. We don’t have one in our living room and Clint gets so annoyed. I tried to fix that with the balcony so I bought this blue one…. Then, Oslove decided it was time he claimed it! That’s his spot & he’s not going anywhere 😉

Some last minute thoughts… “Bloom where you are planted!” This quote is so true! I believe that no matter where life takes us it’s what we make of it that counts! If you make the most of where you are I think it leads to more happiness and love!! In this case, I planted myself on the balcony, let my decorating bloom, and now I have an outdoor spot that I truly enjoy!!


Home Office Tour

Office Products

Desk (Mine is from Target (Sugar Paper company). Every time it’s restocked it sells out within minutes, so I am linking the exact one but different site)



Lamp Shades (Mine are from AT HOME, but linking almost identical ones!)

Fur Rug

Shelves & Hanging Rack (then sprayed them gold)

Pink Chairs

Side Table (similar one)

Designer Pillows

Hermes Tray (custom ordered this one)

Designer Candles

LV Mousepad

Audrey Hepburn Wood Canvas

Vogue Magazine Holder

Gold Balloon Dog

Other Details

Fur Slippers // Pink Hunter Rain Boots // Louis Vuitton Book // Kate Spade ‘Young Lady of Fashion’ Planner  // Black Romper (similar one)

I have been dying to share my new office space with you all!!! And when I say dying, literally dying! Life has been so crazy with work, shoots, and traveling that it’s been almost impossible to find a time to get some pics. I told myself this was the week though!! and here it is! I apologize in advance for the overload on pictures. There were so many I just wanted to share them all! & over time I am sure they will be all over my social media!

For starters, I have put so much effort in designing and decorating this little space of mine. (Not to mention assembling furniture — I put the entire desk & shelves together without any help– can ya tell I am proud!?) I am so beyond pleased with how it turned out! For about a week straight I went to every home store, came home with at least two bags, then returned whatever didn’t work. I can’t tell you how many times C asked, “are you going to return something again?” Eventually I just stopped answering and laughed!! He knew I was on a mission! and mission complete it is!

For this room I was inspired by a clean theme. I wanted to be able to walk in the room, sit down, and work without too many distractions! A space that I could be efficient in, but also have a super fun style! I kept my colors to white, golds, and pinks. All my accessories are little accents of designers I love! Those are the pieces that tied in the whole room and made all my blogger dreams come true!

In my cloffice (closet/office) I style, create, and blog. It’s the true behind the scenes of all my work. At that chair I write to y’all, at the gold clothing rack I pick out the weeks looks, at the shelves I style accessories, and on the rug Oslo is always my (sleeping) assistant. I think the white fur rug is his favorite!  He just curls right up on it and makes himself right at home.

This one little room has taught me to design the exact way you want, never settle (because in the end you won’t be happy), have a space that makes you feel right at home, express your creativity, and most of all enjoy the fun in decor! Styling a room allows you to unleash your ideas and create a place to your design standards!

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have sharing it! Now you can each feel like you are in my office with me, on this beYOUtiful blog journey!

xoxo, T <3