Beach Bag Essentials!

I have officially been at the beach/on the beach for 9 days now.. I keep asking myself, “has it really been 9 days?” I am convinced that time goes by quicker when your feet are in the sand and the sun is shining? Who feels me?

With each and every trip down to the beach I think of something I forgot or should’ve brought down. That’s when the idea came to mind, “oh I should do a blog post for my readers.” Of course you have your essentials, Sunscreen & Sunglasses, but here are some of my the others that I like to carry with me!

  • Beach Bag– Mine is an old style from Tory Burch. Most bags are made from straw which always itch my legs when I carry them in my swimsuit. I made sound like a total diva saying that but I get super annoyed when my skin starts to get irritated from a beach bag. The Tory Burch ones are made from a softer material, reliable, and comfortable!
  • Lemon Cooler– gotta keep those drinks and sandwiches cool one way!! This cooler is great because it’s easy to get dig in with it’s unique shape and holds up to about 6 drinks and some snacks (which is plenty for Clint & I)
  • Personalized Beach Hat (& another one HERE)- These hats are so popular! If you don’t have one, you need one!!!  Super adorable and super cute!
  • Reading Material- I am currently invested in a book by Jodi Picoult called, Leaving Time. I just started it yesterday so I will have to let you guys know what I think of the ending!
  • ProKadima- Stop at one of those Surf stores or Alvin’s Island before you hit the beach and pick up some of these boards. My dad & I got addicted to playing and kept counting our rallies. It’s like a big ping pong paddle that you play tennis with.
  • Lotion/ Aloe- After the beach these are the two products you need! It’s important to take care of your burn and hydrate your skin!

p.s.- Don’t forget your beach towel! These are my favorite of the season!


Salty Hair, Sandy Toes Tee

Top Pamala’s Boutique  Bikini Bottom Ted Baker  Sunglasses Diff Eyewear  Bracelet (linking similar one)  Earrings Red Dress  Pom Pom Tassel Keychain

The weather here in Orange Beach has been amazing! Sunny, highs in the 80’s, and not a cloud in the sky! We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday laying on the beach and soaking it all in! Have you guys heard of the game ‘proKADIMA’? My uncle, dad, & I have been playing it non-stop. It reminds me of ping pong but the boards are a little bigger and the ball is heavier. Each rally we kept count of how many times we could keep it going back and forth. 160 was our highest!! If you ever get the game and beat that you’ll have to let me know 😉

 Each day I’ve been wearing this graphic tee down to the beach! I’ve had three people stop and ask me where it’s from and tell me how cute it is! Although I should probably wearing it with shorts I think it makes for an even cuter cover-up! The material is super soft and it feels great when I put it on at the end of the day over my sunburn! If y’all are like me the last thing you want on a sunburn is an itchy material. That’s why I always opt for a cotton tee, like this one! I’m wearing the size Small and it’s a little oversized (which I really like!)

Cheers to “Salty Hair & Sandy Toes” I’m off to the beach!! Y’all have a great day!!

Today’s Post is c/o of Pamala’s Boutique! TY


Tassel Cover-Ups


Turquoise Embroidered Cover-Up Red Dress Boutique   Wallet Kate Spade   Moore Thong Sandal & Fitbit Metal Hinge Bracelet Tory Burch   Gold Link Bracelet J.Crew (similar one)

wondering how to turn your cover-ups into a dress, cardigan, or kimono & get double your wear out of it!?

easy y’all.. just grab a slip or tight cami & wear it underneath any of these pieces!

I know sometimes I have a hard time time spending money on something I think I’m only going to wear down to the beach or pool, so I figured why not get my moneys worth & make the cover-up my outfit!

Linking some of my favorite, fringe, tassel ones below!! Lots of different styles, fits, and color options!! Personally, I am loving all the kimonos!!

Tassel Cover-Up

Top Row: Aztec Print Fringe Scarf  \\  White Lace Up Cover Up  \\  Coral Gauze Cover-Up  \\  Dot Print Cover-Up Kimono

Bottom Row: Fringe Beach Cover-Up  \\  Black Striped Fringe Trim Dress \\  Multicolor Floral Tassel Loose Kimono \\  White Kimono with Fringe Tassel Detail


Lauren James Seersucker Bikini

Seersucker Ruffle Bikini Top  &  Seersucker Ruffle Bikini Bottom  \\ LJ Koozies

Hello all you pretties!! & Happy Thursday!! Today I am sharing my favorite swimsuit of the season from Lauren James! First of all, I am a lover of pink & this shade is soooo good!! Then we have the most adorable ruffles!! & the seersucker print to top it off! It’s also available in blue & some other styles! When it comes to swimwear I always have a hard time finding one I really, really like. Sometimes the style is perfect, but it fits my body weird.. or vice versa where it looks great on me, but the color isn’t what I really want.. so all winter & spring I feel like I search & search & search… then come summer I settle for something that meets majority of my standards.. but y’all.. this one really is so so so perfect!!!! & is so up to par with the material, style, fit, and color that I like! Hoping y’all find a little bathing suit inspo from this post & love LJ as much as I do! I promise you won’t be disappointed if you grab yourself one of these suits 😉 the beach & pool will thank ya later!! lmk if you have any questions! Enjoy your day!



6676585_orig 3546197_orig 3064111_orig 6361696_orig 7539954_orig
Wore the cutest one-piece swimsuit on my trip this past weekend!!
At first I was hesitant about how flattering it would be but I ended up loving it!!
The colors are so fun too!!
 Swimsuit | Sunglasses

And check out Everything But Water for some of the cutest swim suits, accessories, and beach necessities!! They have my favorite bathing suits– fit well, very comfortable, and wonderful material!