Love Is In the Air

(linking a similar outfit)  Coat  |  Jeans  |  Blouse  |  Sweater  |  Boots  |  Earrings

I am finally finding time to sit down and write this blog post now that my emotions have settled! Clint & I haven’t stopped talking about this experience and how amazing it truly was!

Let me start from the beginning. Back in early February C & I kept going back and forth on his spring break plans. We tossed around going to Mexico, Napa, or Yosemite. With hotel rates, flights, and extra expenses we knew we waited around too late to book anything. This is when I decided to take matters in my own hands. I figured if we are going to be around KY for his spring break, why not arrange some fun excursion? When I was looking at things to do in Napa Valley one of the main attractions was hot air balloon rides. Since Napa was out of the question, I thought, “why not bring that Napa hot air ballon to us?” I googled ‘hot air balloons in Kentucky’ & SkyCab Balloon Promotions came up. From there I emailed Matt, got a ride set up, and managed to keep it all a secret.

Sunday afternoon they came to us & I surprised Clint!! I got the cutest video of us pulling up to the scene. Clint didn’t know what to say or do! He was shocked I planned something to this level! During the day I asked him, “what do you think the surprise is?” He said, “I thought it was going to be SEC tickets to watch KY play.”  I thought to myself, “This is WAYYY better, but I hope I don’t disappoint.” and I didn’t! He will tell ya, it was the best thing ever, even if you are scared of heights (like he is).

 We took off right from Clint’s land! It took about 20 minutes for them to get everything set up and our balloon ride was exactly 47 minutes! We floated over Paducah, KY  (a stretch of about 6 miles)! The view was amazing, the weather was beautiful, and the whole experience still has us in awe! I told Clint, “this is so similar to skydiving in a sense you get to taste/feel the sky.” Skydiving was a major adrenaline rush and the hot air balloon was a bit more relaxing. You get to really soak up the moment and live it out!

I highly recommend this to anyone!!! It truly is a once in a lifetime experience and is a memorable day you will cherish forever! SkyCab Balloons was beyond accommodating and were wonderful to work with! If you are in Kentucky definitely check them out!


My Gals in NYC

Coat | Top | Jeans | Scarf | Shoes | Purse | Earrings | Lipstick

(some of the things I am wearing sold out, so I’m linking similar items!)

My trip to NYC was cut short.. but that didn’t stop us gals from having a fabulous time!!!! So for all those of you wondering, here is what we did:

  • Dinner at BARRACA– located near Greenwich Village this Tapa & Wine restaurant was excellent! I had a shrimp dish, some type of flatbread, and delicious cheese! They also came out & sang Happy Birthday to Taylor & I 😉
  • Comedy Show at GREENWICH VILLAGE COMEDY CLUB– Last fall when we went to New York we saw a show on Broadway.. this time we wanted to switch it up. We decided on a late night comedy show & it was great! so funny & a little change up from our usual excursions!
  • Brunch at BOQUERIA WINES AND TAPAS– walked in at 12:30.. stayed til 3:30!!! It was so good! The bottomless sangrias were excellent! It was $39 a person and you got family style tapas & the best churros for dessert!
  • Shopping in SOHO– known for the shopping, it never disappoints! We went to get Valentine’s gifts for the boys!
  • Dinner at GAONNURI– Taylor just returned from South Korea & was craving some Korean BBQ. She booked us reservations at this rooftop restaurant and it was fabulous! I enjoyed my first taste of SOJU, a hot bowl, and some Korean specialties.


Rachel- y’all all know Rach is my bestie for life! Met her in freshmen Chem class & the rest is kind of history. We roomed together our 3rd & 4th year of college and when she moved out after graduation I never realized how much I cherished her & our friendship. She’s my #1 gal, bff, & ‘person’! Life without her seriously wouldn’t be the same… makes me want everyone to have a “Rachel” in their life! \\\ p.s.- Rachel attends dental school in NYU.. told her I am only letting her take out my wisdom teeth 😉

Taylor- Tay has been a friend since freshmen year. She lived in the dorm next to mine & we would always meet up before we went out.. funny story, we road tripped to move her to Houston 2 summers ago. While we were there we experienced a hit & run.. turns out the cop was really hot!!! so we weren’t complaining lol — may have even snapped some pics of his bootay.. hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do! — Tay took a full time job with Exxon, so when she officially moves back to Houston I am going with her! road trips are the best in her car 😉

Elaine- Met this girl at freshmen orientation & we reconnected through ADPi! Y’all may not know this but I have my forward helix pierced. I would always call Elaine to come help me change it… then we would eat Peanut Butter & Oreos 🙂  She graduated this past December with me & is off to work in Minneapolis, for General Mills! can’t wait to visit her, in a new city, at her new job! \\\ also, I am obsessed with her hair & coloring so much that it makes me wanna switch mine up!


What’s in my Carry-On for NYC?

ok.. real life, I started packing for New York (in my mind) since the moment I booked my ticket! I’m obsessed with NYC & have been since I visited there in Fall 2015 & 2 times when I was a kid! I’ve low key been trying to get C to move there.. he’s not budging.. but the good new is my bestie lives in Manhattan & I CAN NOT wait to see her! Monday morning I woke up and started rounding up my packing list! As I was trying to get everything to fit, I thought, “why not do a post for what’s in my carry-on?” so here it is! These are my go to travel items & make for smooth trips!

Card Holder Tory Burch– If you don’t have a card holder, you need one! These are so easy & convenient! I store my money in the middle compartment & cards on the outside! It’s light weight, compact, and easily accessible!

Sunglasses Prada – I have been wearing these non-stop! love, love, love them!!!!

Headphones Bose– I have tried my fair share of headphones.. and these are by far at the top of my list! They block out all the sound around you, are very comfortable in your ear, come with different size buds, and sound phenomenal!

MM Agenda Louis Vuitton– just snagged a new agenda for the year & I love it!! it’s compact & fits well in my bags! I’ve had big planners and pocket planners, but this one is great when it comes to size

Leopard Blanket Cozys Blankets- this blanket is so legit!!! It’s light weight, easy to roll up, and not a hassle to carry around! If y’all are like me then you get super cold on flights & always need an extra layer!

Camera Lens Canon– I always carry 2 different lens! Never know which one you might need!

Leopard Umbrella– cause we all wanna keep dry 😉

Phone Case Kate Spade– Protect your phone! There would be nothing worse than breaking your iPhone on a trip!

Reading Materials – Find Her \\ Barnes & Noble Nook

Just finished this Find Me book by Lisa Gardner and it was soooo good!! If you are mystery, suspenseful kind of reader this will be right up your alley!

Also, I’ve had my Nook for years… and it’s a great e-reader tablet! I like using it when I am on the road!

My go-to travel items! Hand Sanitizer, Gum, Advil, Mini Combo, Lotion, Hair Clip, Eyelash Curler, & mouthwash!! So many of these come in handy! & don’t forget the mini perfume! I wanna smell fresh when I arrive somewhere new!


Sloane Ranger Bag

img_5062 img_5048 img_5049 img_5060 img_5053 img_5050 img_5061 img_5055 img_5058 img_5059 img_5063

Classic Check Duffel Sloane Ranger  |  Denim Jeans Charlotte Russe  |  Navy Shoes Franco Sarto

Since I don’t have classes on Thursday, my weekend officially starts today.. and weekends are for traveling, right!? I just got this new duffel a couple weeks ago from Sloane Ranger & I used it on my trip back home to Kentucky! The size of it and circular shape is different from any other bags I own. I really like it because it’s easy to get in to, the fabric is a canvas material, and it’s light weight! It’s available in multiple designs! Be sure to check out all the other totes, wrists, and bags they have!! & as always, let me know if you have questions!!! <3


Travel Style

img_4690 img_4692 img_4698 img_4691 img_4700 img_4697

Tassel Shorts (and here) |  White Top  |  Bralette  |  Lace Up Flats  |  Purse  |  Duffle

Oslo and I arrived back in ATL last night and we plan to spend our day unpacking, catching up on homework, and grocery shopping!

Since I am always on the go and visiting other places on the weekend I think I have mastered the perfect, cute travel outfit! Sometimes I want to look cute upon arrival, so instead of wearing my usual Norts & a tee, I go for a style like this! Some loose shorts, an oversized top, lace up flats, and a bralette!! It’s a very causal, simple look, but super comfy too!!!

Shop some of my other favorite, tassel shorts! Love them all <3



Alaskan Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Horseback Riding Outfit IMG_3728 IMG_6698 IMG_3734 IMG_3772 IMG_3733 IMG_6717

Green Military Vest Pleione | Striped Boatneck Tee Merona | Black Skinny Jeans Urban Outfitters | Burgundy Booties Steve Madden | Bracelets Pandora, David Yurman | Ring David Yurman | Pearl Earrings Ralph Lauren | Sunglasses Ray Ban

Happy Friday to you all!!! Hope you had a wonderful week!

Today is my last day on the cruise ship & we are headed to Canada for our final stop. Crazy how quick this week went by!!! way too fast for me. I just want to go back and do it all over again! Hands down the best week of my life though! From getting engaged, to traveling Alaska, and spending time with my fiancé I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.. really makes leaving even harder!

Up above I have linked my “Horseback Riding” styled outfit!! Originally, in Skagway, we booked a dogsledding tour, but when we got off the ship they cancelled it due to weather. C & I sat outside our boat for 45 minutes trying to find an excursion & I just kept eyeing the horseback riding one!!  & I am so, so, so glad we did it!! Being from KY and around horses so much we figured why not give it a go!! This tour took us on a 2 hour ride around the 2nd largest rainforest in the world, through the mountains, down the valley, by the ocean, in the fields, and on some trails! I rode on Willow, the only horse born on their farm. Willow wanted to stop every 5 seconds for a snack.. we held up the line so many times haha – C’s horse was named Rooster.. he was the wild one of the bunch! toward the end of our trail I turned around to see them coming at me full speed.. the look on Clint’s face was priceless!!! I think Rooster just wanted to ‘run like the wind’ and give Clint some action!!! it was hilarious! If only I had a video!!!

So… if you ever find yourself in Skagway, Alaska I highly recommend doing this!! The views are absolutely spectacular and so breathtaking!!  It’s a very fun, relaxing excursion, that not only lets you see the Alaskan side, but makes for a great adventure as well!! I think this may have been my favorite (C still really liked the glacier trek).

As always, let me know if you have any questions!!! thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend!!!


Cabo Vacation Recap


24″ Vince Camuto Carry On Luggage \\  28″ Luggage  \\  Luggage Tag  \\  Passport Cover  \\  Michael Kors Watch  \\ Tory Burch Sandals  \\  David Yurman Bracelet  \\  Kate Spade Bracelet

Orange & Pink Tie Dye Set

similar Romper HERE


Blue Poncho Tunic Top


Lilly Pulitzer Shorts  \\  Hot Pink Top


2 Corinthians Tee  \\ J.Crew Shorts

Day 1: Beautiful, Beautiful Weather!!! so…. naturally, we sat by the pool all day! ordered pizza, snacked on fruit, and soaked up the sun! Our resort has multiple pools, with swim up pool bars, and jacuzzi jets! makes for some entertaining scenery 😉 I feel like the first day of vacation is always used for settling in, resting, and playing catch up from all the traveling.

Day 2: We toured our resort (Pueblo Bonito), had the best breakfast buffet, watched the Olympics, then headed into town for dinner at Mi Casa! Also… we made a late night Starbucks run! & yes, they have a Starbucks here!!!! how perfect, right!? I went with Matcha 😉

Day 3: spent the whole day preparing for a hurricane — yes, a hurricane!! omg and did it rain!!! it poured… on & off all day! We originally scheduled a “swim with the dolphin” excursion but the weather was not in our favor! after venturing out on the flooded roads & searching for the place, turns out only 3 of us really had the heart to get in the pool, with a full blown storm (and it wasn’t me — I stayed buried inside)

Day 4: forecast called for rain…. & surprise!! It ended up being a beautiful day! I started my day at 8 AM with a facial.. they did a radiation therapy on my skin that increased blood flow circulation. It was the first time I have ever had this technique done on me but I loved it.. afterwards my skin felt absolutely amazing!!  Around lunchtime we sat by the pool, then headed out for our afternoon, ATV Excursion!!!  It was so, so, so, so much fun!!! highly recommended doing this! It’s great family fun & definitely a memorable experience! here are some pics 😉 (excuse the iPhone quality)


ATV Ride in Cabo, Mexico

Day 5: my last & final day 🙁 literally spent my entire day by the pool, soaking up every bit of sun!!! then we headed off to eat dinner at The Office as a farewell family dinner!! lazy days, with good dinner are my favorite!!


Recommended Places to Eat

  • Maro’s Shrimp– for an appetizer the chips & salsa are great!!  then for dinner I ate lobster tail (2 of them- boiled) & grilled medium shrimp!!! it was a great portion, for a great price!
  • Mi Casa Authentic Mexican— omg the tortillas are hand made right in front of you & literally to die for! order the guac, salsa trio, & queso and you are in business!!!
  • The Office- it’s a must!!! the environment is soooo much fun!!!!!

Recommended Excursions

  • Cactus ATV Ride- my dad & I both agreed, Best Excursion Ever!!!!!!!!
  • Dolphin Tour- we will be going back next time there isn’t a hurricane 😉

Martha’s Vineyard

In 1602 Martha’s Vineyard got its name when explorer, Bartholomew Gosnold discovered it. He noticed there were vines everywhere so he added the name of his daughter & called it Martha’s Vineyard.

(The same explorer found Cape Cod and named it that because of the abundant population of cod fish.)
1796806_orig 8334095_orig
The first Black Dog General Store opened on Water Street, in Vineyard Haven, in 1992.
5389373_orig 1997658_orig 6509787_orig 5275422_orig
Edgartown Lighthouse is 1 of 5 lighthouses on the island.
(that is the Big Eagle in the background!! this may be my favorite pic from the whole trip!)
Gay Head Cliffs 
The multi-colored clay Cliffs are at the western end of the Island.  The Cliffs rise 150 feet above sea level, and due to their outstanding contribution to Martha’s Vineyard national heritage, they were designated a National Natural Landmark in 1965.

Some Fun Facts about Martha’s Vineyard that I learned on our tour

  • Martha’s Vineyard was formed 10,000 years ago due to a glacial action
  • Martha’s Vineyard was considered a part of New York until 1692
  • There are 6 towns and several villages on the island
  • During the revolutionary war residents feared the British would invade Martha’s Vineyard. They thought it would help to say they were neutral. Their symbol to show this was to paint their chimney white with black tops.
  • 65% of the homes on island are seasonal
  • The island is home to the Flying Horses Carousel, which was built in 1876 and is the country’s oldest operating platform carouse



Are We There Yet?

This 1 Day at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion is the best journal a girl could ever ask for!! I can’t wait to look back on it in a couple of years.
4759146 1519302_orig




you can’t be sad when you are holding a milkshake


GOOD DAY or bad day??? GOOD DAY
After 5 hours of delays at the ATL airport I have finally arrived in The Hamptons!
Yesterday we spent our afternoon exploring Sag Harbor & grabbing lunch in town!
It is so nice spending time with my family! I am looking froward to a great week!

Grey, Pocket Beaded Tank (brand- Freeway)- Got this from my favorite local boutique- Tip Top– follow them on instagram @ tiptopdesignco ~ you won’t be disappointed, they have the cutest clothes!!!
Cream Crotchet ShortsTobi Tier She Goes Again Black Dress


Jewelry Always Fits.. & Makeup


I would like to think I have become a pro at organizing my suitcases.. especially since I spend half of my week normally traveling… but there’s one thing that always gets me.. my jewelry. By the time I reach my destination my necklaces are knotted together, my earrings are hooked to one another, and my rings are tangled in between all my bracelets.  However, I recently just discovered the BEST way to stow & pack my accessories that I always need!!! from now on, I think I will stick to this method :))
I’ve also included some of my favorite travel bags for organizing my toiletries and makeup!!
Hope this comes in handy for you too!!

This is the real deal! 
Just tear off a sheet, lay your necklaces flat, & then cover the top with another sheet! 
Your necklaces won’t get sticky, they will keep from tangling, and it takes up minimal space! 
Try this next time you start packing!! 
This pouch is my perfect travel companion 🙂 
It hold all my bracelets in one row and keeps them from getting tangled.
I place my earrings at the bottom of the pouch so they just lay flat. 

I got my case from Chicos!
I keep my rings in a separate little bag just to stay neat & I know exactly where I can find them! 
4329788_orig 5870029_orig
This three compartment travel bag is ideal for storing your items.  On one side I keep toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, makeup remover), in the middle I store hair accessories, and on the other end I place my lotion & shower supplies together. 
I use the bigger matching bag for all my makeup. 
My brushes always travel in this handy dandy case from MAC — I got it for Christmas one year & it has saved me multiple times. It keeps my brushes laying flat so the bristles don’t get bent & I can easily access whatever brush I want to get to. 
920147_orig 2497528_orig 3680974_orig
1433853667 7862344

So as I leave for family vacation today, and board the Big Eagle tonight, my only hope is that my jewelry stays in full tact– with no mess to greet me when unpacking!

& my toiletries don’t leak…
& my makeup doesn’t end up everywhere!!

p.s.- Hope everyone is having a HAPPY HUMP DAY!