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Blanket Scarves (&Wraps)






SWEATER (mine is from GAP, but I linked a smilier one)  \\  MOTO LEGGINGS  \\ SCARF 

& for some more scarf/wrap options!

1st scarf  \\ 2nd scarf  \\  3rd scarf  \\  4th scarf  \\  5th scarf

the thing about scarves and wraps, that is so great, is that they require so little effort! throw on a shirt, sweater, or cardigan, then use a scarf as your accessory.. not to mention, they keep you extra warm!!!  I could post scarves all day long and share a million of them with y’all, and still be overly obsessed! a lot of the ones I have linked above are great prices!! & all super cute if I may add!!

we’re halfway through the week!!! now that classes are back in session my time has been occupied fully with them & work! trying to get/stay organized before things really pick up!!!

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