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Fitness Picks & the FitBit

Fitness Picks

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If I could link all my favorite activewear and accessories, this blog post would go on for pages!!! I practically live in work out clothes because as a college student it’s what’s easiest! My schedule is constantly changing, I feel like I am always on the go, and whenever I can fit a workout in I jump on it! Plus, let’s not forget how comfy leggings and a tee are! my go-to outfit!! up above are some of my favorite picks! I am love the graphic tees and #3 & #4!! so cute!!! lots of goodies!!!!


now.. on to my fitness tracker!!! I wear my fitbit religiously and swear by it! great way to keep track of your daily exercise and manage your activeness! Listing what the love/hate relationship I have with mine below! & always, if you have any questions.. let me know!!

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FitBit Flex Pros

  • comes in various colors
  • tracks your sleep patterns
  • counts your steps (the best part)
  • style your fitbit with different wristbands (Tory Burch bands are my fav)
  • not too bulky & shapes your wrist well
  • lightweight (sometimes I forget I am even wearing it)
  • user-friendly app
  • ***** FitBit Aria Scale — this is my fav FitBit feature! tracks my weight & bmi, then logs it in my app!

FitBit Flex Cons

  • doesn’t tell the time (I use to have a nike fuel band & the one thing I miss is the digital clock)
  • doesn’t track your heart rate or have a gps (but other fitbit models do!)

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