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Maple & Rose Gold Watch (from the Sidney Series)

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so… I feel like I have kinda started my own mini collection of watches. A girl can never have too many, right!?  but this is my absolute new favorite!!! It’s so different from any watch I own because of the wood detail, swarvoski crystals, and rose gold middle.  I like it because it’s so easy to wear with a dressy outfit, but at the same time it looks great styled casual! The color of this watch is the natural color of wood. It was conditioned with natural Tung oil to prevent cracking. The crystals featured on the bezel are genius swarvoski ones and they add just the right sparkle to the watch! Jord is also known for creating their watches with sapphire glass crystal resistant (which is second in hardness to a diamond). The durability, functionality, and design of this watch is beyond perfect! & not only do they have many great designs, but their collection for men is great as well! (hint, hint – could be a good vday gift!!  browse the Mens Wooden Watches HERE)   I think I have my eye on the Cora Series, Zebrawood & Turquoise Watch next! love the teal for spring & summer! lmk what you think or which one is your favorite!!

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